Mormonism 101 Revised and Updated: Leader’s Guide

This study guide can be used with the new edition of Mormonism 101: Revised and Updated, with discussion questions given at the end of each of the 18 chapters. These questions can be used by the individual as a reminder of what the chapter covered or by a group desiring an impetus to further discuss the content of the book. Included are Internet links for further information. 

MRM and the Mormon Miracle Pageant

Listen to a special "Manti" broadcast on Viewpoint on Mormonism as Bill and Eric explain the Mormon Miracle Pageant with more detail. This Viewpoint on Mormonism aired Friday, May 1, 2015. Listen to it here.We also describe the new tract, the Emma Smith Million Dollar bill, and explain how you can get some yourself. Clickhere. All donations go to the missions fund.

Review of Blacks and the Mormon Priesthood: Setting the Record Straight

This month marks the 37th anniversary of the Mormon Church's 1978 repealing of the doctrine disallowing blacks to get the priesthood. In 2007, Marcus H. Martins--son of first black general authority  Helvécio Martins, wrote a booklet in an attempt to explain why the LDS doctrine that banned blacks to the LDS priesthood before June 1978 was ever allowed. His reasoning seems to ignore Mormon teachings before the ban was taken away. MRM's Eric Johnson reviews the book, which was the focus of a Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast shows during early June 2015.

Apostle L. Tom Perry passes away on Saturday, May 30, 2015

L. Tom Perry (1922-2015). An apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints died at his home on May 30th, 2015. Perry was the oldest living apostle and second in line to the LDS presidency. Read more background information and see the top 10 L. Tom Perry quotes as judged by MRM.

Did Emma Smith approve of polygamy?

Some Latter-day Saints may rationalize Smith's behavior. After all, some might think, his wife Emma must have been a believer in this practice. Actually, Emma Smith approved of plural marriage for only a short time--maybe a few weeks--but she otherwise always despised polygamy and her husband's involvement with this practice. 

2 Samuel 12:7, 8

Does 2 Samuel 12 support the practice of polygamy in the Old Testament and 19th century Mormonism?

A response to Greg Trimble's blog "51 Questions"

For three weeks beginning April 27, 2015, MRM's Bill McKeever and Shadow Mountain Community Church (West Jordan, UT) pastor Cory Anderson discuss a recent blog written by Mormon Greg Trimble. Did Trimble present a solid case in reasons why a person ought to consider Mormonism? Listen to the 12 podcasts and check out this detailed overview written by Pastor Cory.

Episode 3: Jericho

In the 1950s, an archaeologist named Kathrine Kenyon came along and said that the Jericho as described by the Bible never took place. However, other archaeologists--both before and after Kenyon--haven't so readily agreed. The pottery and fallen wall evidence seems to show that there is more to the story than what the secular folks want you to hear. With his video Jericho Unearthed as a background, Joel Kramer takes us onsite to experience Jericho for ourselves. Come alone and see what it's all about.  To see the other episodes in this 16-part series, click here.

Bill McKeever: Hear his testimony & hear how he got into ministry

Bill McKeever, the founder and president of Mormonism Research Ministry, provides a video testimony of how he became a Christian. Beginning in March we will interview a new person every week, which we hope will be an encouragement to you. In addition, Bill explains in another video how he got into Christian ministry to Mormons. 

99 Quotable Quotes from the LDS Church manual Gospel Principles

Beginning February 2, 2015, Viewpoint on Mormonism will feature a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the 2009 LDS Church manual Gospel Principles. Included in this page are 99 of the best quotes from this 47-chapter manual, ordered by topics. In addition, we have compiled overviews of each chapter in this manual. Each chapter is summarized in about 50 words along with a "quotable quote" or two. This PDF file would be fun to check out during our two-month radio series on this manual, available for an electronic gift of any size during the months of February and March 2015. 

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