A Weekend Compassionate Boldness Symposium on Mormonism

Pastors, would you be interested in having MRM's Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson visit your church for a Weekend Compassionate Boldness Symposium on Mormonism? Or are you a church member who thinks it would be important to have us come to your place of fellowship? If so, check out the details here. The fall dates are filling fast.

Finding a Fellowship in Utah: A List of Recommended Church Bodies in the Beehive State

We've checked out the statements of faith for many Utah churches and have put together a list of recommended fellowships for the Beehive state. We'll talk more about this new page on the Friday, July 25th Viewpoint on Mormonism.  

Do I need to bother submitting a letter of resignation to the Mormon Church? (How do I do it?)

Upon leaving the Mormon Church, every Latter-day Saint needs to determine whether or not to have his/her name taken off the church rolls. Should this be done? How does this process work?

Starting at the Finish Line: The Gospel of Grace for Mormons

In the world of Christian apologetics to the LDS community exists a number of books written from several different angles. For author John B. Wallace of Starting at the Finish Line, the target audience for Starting at the Finish Line is clearly marked throughout: those who are current believers in his former religion. Wallace, who is a practicing dentist in Southern California, hopes to reach out to “transitioning Mormons,” the “primary focus of his personal ministry.” Thus, his book aims to communicate with Latter-day Saints in a way that they can understand as delineated by someone familiar with their situation and worldview. A review of the book.

The Gold Plates Apologetic: A Most Concise Presentation

Standing in the street in front of the Manti, UT temple, Bill McKeever shares a concise 5-minute apologetic using the Gold Plates. He considers several common arguments and explain how you could use this tactic too! To see the five-minute YouTube video, click here.

An open response letter to Glenn Beck…from a “monster”

An open letter response to an article on Glenn Beck's website titled “A Land of Monsters’: Beck Fires Back at Those Attacking Liberty University for Inviting Him to Speak," which he posted on May 20, 2014.

American Crucifixion: The Murder of Joseph Smith and the Fate of the Mormon Church

Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam's new 2014 book may be very helpful to many readers who may not know very much about Mormonism, let alone the facts surrounding the death of Mormonism's founder Joseph Smith at the hands of an angry mob at the Carthage Jail in 1844. See the review of American Crucifixion here.

MRM and the Mormon Miracle Pageant

Since 1987, members from the Mormonism Research Ministry team have been going to Manti, UT for two weeks each June to participate in outreach at the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Thousands of people from all over the United States come to watch the LDS-produced play held outdoors on the hillside of the Manti temple. It's an exciting time as we have a chance to share God's truth in the hours before the pageant begins each night. Find out how you could help participate in helping MRM attend, something we've been doing since 1987!

A Polite Discussion on the Streets of Manti

Is it possible to have a polite discussion with a Latter-day Saint on the streets of Manti, Utah? See the 15-minute YouTube featuring Bill McKeever as he converses with a woman one evening before the 2013 Mormon Miracle Pageant. And then answer the question. Click here.

What Glenn Beck didn’t explain at last month's convocation talk at Liberty University

On Friday, April 25, 2014, Liberty University invited Glenn Beck--advertised as “one of America's Best Known Media Personalities, Author, Radio and Television Host, Patriot”--to spend the day. Among other things, he hosted his nationwide radio show from the top of the Vines Center and spent the morning in President Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s suite. The most egegious invitation, though, was allowing Beck to man the pulpit at a chapel-like gathering for Liberty students called “convocation.” What quotes did Beck leave out of this talk? And what questions do I have for Glenn Beck?

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