A Doctrine that was to always be

On December 6, 2013, the LDS Church published an article ("Race and Priesthood") that contradicted the facts from earlier church history. Was the banning of blacks holding the priesthood originated by Brigham Young and perpetuated for more than a century? Or was this teaching truly a "doctrine" originated by Joseph Smith as claimed by a number of church leaders?

Encountering the Mormon Missionaries - 15 Things They May Be Reluctant to Tell You

Today the number of full-time missionaries sent out by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) numbers in the tens of thousands. Most of these are young men and women in their late teens or early twenties, but the LDS Church also has within its ranks retired people serving as full-time missionaries. Mormon missionaries are easy to recognize by their black name badges that identify them as either an Elder or Sister in the LDS Church. If missionaries come to your home, what could you say? This article takes a look at 15 things the missionaries might be reluctant to talk about.

Talking with Mormons by Richard J. Mouw: A Review

Richard Mouw is the outgoing president of Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is a key

evangelical figure  in the realm of interfaith dialogue and has spent the better part of the last decade engaged in discussions with Latter-day Saint scholars and some LDS church officials.  His role has afforded him some high profile encounters typified by his role in the preliminary portion of Ravi Zacharias 2004 lecture at “An Evening of Friendship” in the Mormon Tabernacle at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  This event is central to the book’s occasion and content since it affords much of the impetus for Mouw’s role in Mormon/Evangelical dialogues and established him as both a respected and controversial figure in this arena. A review of his book Talking with Mormons: An Invitation to Evangelicals.

Bill McKeever responds to Scott Gordon, FAIR-LDS, 11/18/2013

Listen to MRM founder/president Bill McKeever respond to FAIR-LDS's President Scott Gordon.  A  cogent, well-reasoned response to the arguments presented by the leader of a major LDS apologetic organization. Click here.

Richard Mouw's Recent Visit to Utah


Commentator Todd Friel from Wretched Radio talks about former Fuller President Richard Mouw's recent appearance at Utah Valley University in Orem, UT. Click here.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Q&A

An exhibit containing 10 fragments along with other artifacts from the Dead Sea Scrolls will be coming to the Leonardo (www.leonardo.org) in Salt Lake City, UT beginning Nov. 22, 2013 and staying until April 2014. We encourage every Christian believer to see this exhibit. Bill and Eric will be discussing these scrolls on their Viewpoint on Mormonism show from Tuesday, 11/19 through Friday, 11/22. Here are some quick questions and answers to help familiarize yourself with this topic.

Is Jesus’ Grace Sufficient in Mormonism?

 Brad Wilcox is a religion professor at LDS Church-owned Brigham Young  University who also serves on the Sunday School board. He gave a  devotional address at BYU on July 12, 2011 that has been widely  circulated on the Internet. The talk, titled “His Grace is Sufficient: How  does God’s Grace really work?” tries to make sense of biblical grace in  the light of Latter-day Saint teaching. An edited version of the talk was included on pages 35-37 of the September 2013 issue of the  Ensign. This article takes a closer look at the original  talk and determines whether or not Mormonism's version of grace coincides with biblical Christianity. An 8-part series on Wilcox's talk will air on the Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast in October.

Should you pray about the Book of Mormon?

If you’ve ever spoken to a Mormon missionary, there is no doubt that you have been challenged to read the Book of Mormon and pray about its message. A verse in the Book of Mormon, along with a verse from the biblical book of James, is used to support this view. For those Christians who say they won't pray about this issue, it is possible that LDS acquaintances will heap guilt of them. After all, don't they believe in prayer? In this article, three tests are given to determine if praying about the Book of Mormon is a good idea.

For the Strength of Youth

For the Strength of Youth is a small 44-page booklet approved by the LDS First Presidency and meant for the young people in the LDS Church covering a variety of issues. According to Sevety Stanley G. Ellis in the last General Conferece, “Along with the scriptures, some great sources for finding the Lord’s way are True to the Faith, For the Strength of Youth, and another teachings of the living apostles and prophets” (“The Lord’s Way,” Ensign, May 2013 (Conference Edition), p. 37). In this review, written for pre-teens as well as teenagers, we’ll quote word-for-word from this booklet as our source material. We will see what the Church is telling its young people and determine if the advice given by the LDS Church in this booklet is actually in accordance with the teachings of the Bible? If you are a Latter-day Saint young person, I especially encourage you to read this booklet and review it for yourself. See what is true and then follow that with all your heart.

Problems with the Gold Plates in the Book of Mormon

Just what exactly were the gold plates made from. In this article that first appeared in Christian Research Journal, volume 34, number 02 (2011), Bill McKeever considers the possibilites and shows why it is impossible that Joseph Smith was given plates made of real gold.

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