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Episode 16: Hebron

No city has been more divided than Hebron, a political city in the West Bank that has been used to house Jewish settlers. Today we conclude our series by visiting the Tomb of the Patriarchs. First we go to the mosque and see the tombs of Patriarchs, including Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, Leah, and Jacob. Then we go to the other side of the building to visit the synagogue. It is, I believe, the most fascinating site in all of the West Bank because it clearly shows the political and religious divisions so prevalent in this tiny country. (Video length: 20:26)

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Episode 15: Mamre

Surrounded by a fence and located next to a boys’ school, one wouldn’t think there would be much significance to an empty field with a bunch of concrete-looking ruins. Yet this is Mamre, which is associated with Abraham in Genesis. A rich site in the West Bank near Hebron and yet nobody visits it today. (Video length: 11:23)

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