Books Given as Church Employee Gifts from 1981-2017

Beginning in 1981, the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began publishing leather-bound editions of special LDS books and distributing them to general authorities and other employees of the church. These special editions were not sold but only given away. A sampling of quotes from select editions of these books are available. Click on the available links to see a selection of quotes. Those that are boldfaced will not have quotations made available. Those highlighted are currently being compiled now.

1981: Triple Combination (10 inch flexible leather)

1982: Bible (10 inch flexible leather)

1983: Jesus the Christ (James Talmage, 10 inch flexible leather)

1984: Articles of Faith (James Talmage, 10 inch flexible leather)

1985: Hymnal (regular size)

1986: Booklet of quotes

1987: Pocket hymnal

1988: Pocket quad

1989: Life of Joseph Smith, the Prophet (George Q. Cannon)

1990: Gospel Doctrine (Joseph F. Smith)

1991: Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith (Joseph Fielding Smith, ed.) 

1992: Discourses of Brigham Young 

1993: Gospel Ideals (David O. McKay)

1994: Gospel Standards (Heber J. Grant) 

1995: Stand Ye in Holy Places (Harold B. Lee)

1996: Gospel Kingdom (Taylor)

1997: Discourses of Wilford Woodruff

1998: The Miracle of Forgiveness (Spencer W. Kimball) (For more on this book, visit here.)

1999: Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow (Smith)

2000: The Teachings of George Albert Smith *

2001: Selections from Doctrines of Salvation (Joseph Fielding Smith) *

2002: Teachings of Howard W. Hunter *

2003: Sermons and Writings of Ezra Taft Benson

2004: Discourses of President Gordon B. Hinckley Volume 1

2005: Discourses of President Gordon B. Hinckley Volume 2

2006: Triple Combination

2007: Bible

2008: Hymnal

2009: Jesus the Christ (James Talmage) *

2010: Articles of Faith (James Talmage) *

2011: Pathways to Perfection (Thomas S. Monson) *

2012: Teachings of Lorenzo Snow *

2013: House of the Lord (James Tamage)

2014: Teachings of Thomas S. Monson

2015: Teachings of Harold B. Lee

2016: Triple Combination

2017: Bible