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What Do Mormons Believe About The Bible?

This article by Sharon Lindbloom was originally published on the MRM blog “Mormon Coffee” on March 27, 2014 _ The Mormon Church appears to be updating its FAQ section at I’ve received several Google Alerts highlighting specific Frequently Asked Questions and their official answers. One recent Alert pointed me to the FAQ section on the […]

Las 10 mejores enseñanzas del mormonismo no respaldadas por el Libro de Mormón

Por Eric Johnson Traducción al Español: Julio Jiménez De acuerdo a Joseph Smith en la Historia de la Iglesia 4:461: Les dije a los hermanos que el Libro del Mormón era el más correcto de todos los libros de la tierra, y la piedra angular de nuestra religión, y que un hombre se acercaría a Dios al […]

Why Don’t Christians Accept the Book of Mormon?

By Sharon Lindbloom At a meeting in Baltimore, Maryland in 1998, then LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “I can’t understand why those of other faiths cannot accept the Book of Mormon. One would think that they would be looking for additional witnesses to the great and solemn truths of the Bible.” (The Ensign, 6/00, […]

10 reasons why Joseph Smith should not be considered a true prophet of God

10 reasons why Joseph Smith should not be considered a true prophet of God

1.  He was not considered to be trustworthy by the people of his day.

2.  He taught in a version of God different from the Bible.

3.  He produced prophecies that didn’t come to pass.

10 reasons why the Book of Mormon is rejected as scripture by Christians

10 reasons why the Book of Mormon is rejected as scripture by Christians

1. There is no archaeological support for this book

2. There are entire sections copied from books available only after the Book of Mormon was supposedly written

3. There is no evidence Joseph Smith had the ability to translate such plates

Facts, Feelings, and Faith

Facts, feelings, and faith?

By Eric Johnson

Back in 2003, I was selected to serve as a juror on a federal case in San Diego. It involved a Mexican national who was allegedly attempting to enter the United States from Mexico by crossing the Tijuana River on foot. Six Border Patrol agents on four-wheelers were sent to the area, so when the five Mexican nationals heard the commotion, they began to slosh through the river back to their country.

Should you pray about the Book of Mormon?

If you’ve ever spoken to a Mormon missionary, there is no doubt that you have been challenged to read the Book of Mormon and pray about its message. A verse in the Book of Mormon, along with a verse from the biblical book of James, is used to support this view. For those Christians who say they won’t pray about this issue, it is possible that LDS acquaintances will heap guilt of them. After all, don’t they believe in prayer? In this article, three tests are given to determine if praying about the Book of Mormon is a good idea.

Beit Lei: Another "proof" for the Book of Mormon?

In 1961, Israeli military engineers working on a road about twenty-two miles away from Jerusalem near Israel’s border with Jordan uncovered a burial tomb. Inside were drawings and inscriptions on the walls, including the Hebrew name for God (YHWH) and Jerusalem. There were also pictures of boats on the walls.

Because the cave resides near the ruins of a medieval Arab village that was known as Khirbet Beit Lei (pronounced “Bait Lay”), some Mormons began to call this “Beit Lehi,” speculating that this might be associated with the Book of Mormon prophet Lehi. In addition, a local Bedouin named Mahmoud Ali Hassan Jaaoui told archaeologists how Lehi once lived at Beit Lei. Today many LDS tour groups make Beit Lei an important part of their itinerary.

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