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Will the LDS Church overturn the ban on hot drinks?

By Eric Johnson There has been plenty of Internet speculation during the past few weeks concerning a possible change in Mormonism that would allow coffee and tea. According to the rumor mill, LDS Church leaders will make an announcement at general conference this weekend allowing hot drinks, including coffee and tea, formerly all banned in the […]

Plural Marriage and Joseph Smith: A PR Nightmare in Mormonism

By Eric Johnson This article was originally was printed in the Christian Research Journal Vol. 38 No. 5. Publicly mention the religion of Mormonism and the first thought to come to mind is “polygamy” or, as it is also called, plural marriage. This common perception linking Mormonism with the practice of one man marrying two […]

7 ways Mormon leaders aren’t budging on traditional LDS doctrines

By Eric Johnson There are some Christians—including those possessing Ph.D.’s—who have come to the conclusion that Mormonism has moved ever so close to Christian orthodoxy in recent years. While some folks—including a few BYU professors and LDS apologists—appear seem to delight in allowing this impression to be made to the outside world, this isn’t what I am finding when […]

10 Things You Can Learn About Mormonism by Reading the Ensign Magazine

By Michael Rabus I have found one of the most effective ways of showing Mormons the dangerous doctrine that comes from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is to share with them articles from the churches own official magazine, the Ensign.  I started reading the Ensign magazine in February of 2015 and made […]

“Understanding the Handbook”: A Review

By Eric Johnson The LDS Church has received a firestorm of criticism for adding a new section to its Handbook 1 (16.13) that prohibits children living in homes with homosexual parents from being able to participate in naming/blessing rites or baptism at the age of 8. For more on that and to better understand my comments […]

Understanding just what is “official” in Mormon doctrine

By Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson Note: The following article is a portion taken out of Chapter 18 (“The Church and Its Leadership”) found in our latest book Mormonism 101: Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints (Baker, 2015), available wherever Christian books are sold. This section is found on pages 310-315. One of the main ways that […]

¿Es Necesario Entregar Una Carta de Resignación a La Iglesia Mormona? (¿Cómo Lo Hago?)

Por Eric Johnson  Esto se trata de una decisión individual que cada Santo de los Últimos Días debe considerar. Hay varios asuntos de los cuales se deben contemplar: ¿Rechaza las enseñanzas de la Iglesia Mormona? ¿Ya no se considera activo en esta iglesia? ¿Quiere que su nombre cuente con los más de 15 millones de “miembros” […]

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