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A Fundamental Disagreement between Mormonism and Christianity

by Sharon Lindbloom 7 May 2018 On April 19th (2018) Deseret News published an article by Daniel Peterson in his “Defending the Faith” column that discusses the Trinity. Dr. Peterson begins, “A fundamental disagreement between Latter-day Saint Christianity and mainstream Christianity concerns the doctrine of the Trinity. Both outsiders and members of The Church of Jesus Christ […]

Ever Wondered What Mormons Believe?

by Sharon Lindbloom 19 February 2018 The LDS Church recently released seven new one-minute videos via its web presence geared toward non-Mormons, The videos discuss parenting, prayer, and basic beliefs held by Mormons. The three videos that fall into this last category are “60 Mormon Beliefs in 60 Seconds,” “Do Mormons Really Believe in […]

Will Mormons Worship Heavenly Father Forever?

by Sharon Lindbloom 5 February 2018 An interesting article appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune recently with the intriguing title, “Humans can become like God? Mormons say Orthodox Christians have similar belief — but that’s news to Orthodox Christians.” In this article, Bob Mims presents an overview of both the LDS concept of “deification,” and […]

Review: Mormons Believe…What?! Fact and Fiction about a Rising Religion

Check out a five-part Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast that originally aired on March 20-24, 2017  concerning Lawrence’s book:  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5 Written by Gary C. Lawrence Reviewed by Eric Johnson Synopsis: A Mormon pollster writes a book criticizing the views of outsiders of the Mormon Church who he believes present a […]

Richard Mouw–Defending a Brand of Mormonism Many Mormons Don’t Believe

Note: The following was originally printed in the July/August 2016 edition of Mormonism Researched. To request a free subscription, please visit here.  By Bill McKeever  Dr. Richard J. Mouw, the former president of Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA, has been involved in Mormon-Evangelical dialogues for the past decade and a half. Yet, despite actively engaging the topic for […]

(Short) Answers to the 10 Most Common Responses I Get at Temple Open House Outreaches

Listen to a special 2-part Viewpoint on Mormonism on this topic that aired on September 12-13, 2016   Part 1   Part 2 By Eric Johnson (Photo at right is of the author at the Philadelphia Temple Open House in August 2016) Since 1993, MRM has participated in 31 different temple open house events, which is the only time […]

¿Creen los Cristianos que pueden decir una oración para ser salvo y luego pecar como el diablo?

Por Eric Johnson  Un estereotipo falso que caracteriza el Cristianismo Evangélico es que las buenas obras no son importantes. Por lo tanto, los de afuera del Cristianismo opinan que lo único que debe hacer una persona es pasar por la iglesia, recitar una oración corta, y zas, la salvación está asegurada y la persona ahora puede […]

7 ways Mormon leaders aren’t budging on traditional LDS doctrines

By Eric Johnson There are some Christians—including those possessing Ph.D.’s—who have come to the conclusion that Mormonism has moved ever so close to Christian orthodoxy in recent years. While some folks—including a few BYU professors and LDS apologists—appear seem to delight in allowing this impression to be made to the outside world, this isn’t what I am finding when […]

¿Está bien que un Cristiano visite un servicio de iglesia Mormón?

Por Eric Johnson Si pasa por una capilla Mormona, verá lo siguiente escrito en el muro cerca de la entrada: “Bienvenidos Visitantes”. Lo seguro es que todo aquel que conoce a un Mormón ha recibido una invitación de leer el Libro de Mormón o asistir a un servicio. Si este es el caso, ¿debería el […]