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Eine Begegnung mit den Mormonen Missionaren: 15 Dinge die sie Ihnen möglicherweise nur zögernd sagen werden

English version: Here Translation by Christian Peeck Derzeit befindet sich die Zahl der von der Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage ausgesandten Vollzeitmissionare in den Zehntausendern. Die meisten dieser jungen Männer und Frauen befinden sich im späten Teenageralter oder am Anfang ihrer 20er. Jedoch zählen zu ihren den von den Mormone ausgesandten Missionaren […]

Grace unto Works

Note: The following was originally printed in the January/February 2017 edition of Mormonism Researched. To request a free subscription, please visit here.  By Bill McKeever  When speaking to individuals who place a strong emphasis on personal performance when it comes to being justified before God, one can unwittingly fail to emphasize that the New Testament has much to […]

Does James 1:5 teach about praying for a testimony?

By Eric Johnson This article first appeared in the Christian Research Journal, volume 37, number 6 (2014). There is nothing more important to a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, Mormon) than having a personal “testimony” confirm the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and, ultimately, Mormonism.  James 1:5 was first […]

10 Awesome Book of Mormon Passages to Use with Latter-day Saints!

By Eric Johnson There are many Book of Mormon passages I like to use when I am witnessing to Mormons. Here are the 10 of the most common passages I cite regularly. After referencing the verse(s), I will, in about 100 words, explain how each can be used. Verses are cited in the order they are listed in the Book of […]

10 Awesome Bible Verses to Use with Latter-day Saints!    

By Eric Johnson There are many verses I like to use when I am witnessing to Mormons. Here are the 10 of the most common verses I cite regularly. I will provide the KJV rendering of the verse and, in about 100 words, explain how each can be used.  Isaiah 43:10: “You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and my […]

(Short) Answers to the 10 Most Common Responses I Get at Temple Open House Outreaches

Listen to a special 2-part Viewpoint on Mormonism on this topic that aired on September 12-13, 2016   Part 1   Part 2 By Eric Johnson (Photo at right is of the author at the Philadelphia Temple Open House in August 2016) Since 1993, MRM has participated in 31 different temple open house events, which is the only time […]

10 Things You Can Learn About Mormonism by Reading the Ensign Magazine

By Michael Rabus I have found one of the most effective ways of showing Mormons the dangerous doctrine that comes from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is to share with them articles from the churches own official magazine, the Ensign.  I started reading the Ensign magazine in February of 2015 and made […]

La Perspectiva Mormona de la Salvación: Un Evangelio Que es Verdaderamente Imposible (Testificarles con Seis Versículos)

Por Eric Johnson y Bill McKeever  Nota: El siguiente artículo fue impreso en la revista Christian Research Journal, Vol. 34, No. 04, 2011, 6-7 Un encuentro en la puerta con los misioneros de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días (los Mormones) puede permitir solamente un momento breve para poder hacer una impresión duradera, […]

When tomorrow is too late: An Evangelism Strategy for "We’ll all find out at the end"

During a friendly dialogue that I had recently with a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, Mormon), I made a point that seemed to strike a chord. After a few seconds of awkward silence, the Latter-day Saint said (in a most respectful way), “What you’re showing me appears to be correct. I’m not sure how to answer your objection to my faith. I guess we’ll all know in the end anyway, won’t we?”  Is there a way to respond when the Mormon deters to figuring out truth after death?        

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