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What Do Mormons Believe About The Bible?

This article by Sharon Lindbloom was originally published on the MRM blog “Mormon Coffee” on March 27, 2014 _ The Mormon Church appears to be updating its FAQ section at I’ve received several Google Alerts highlighting specific Frequently Asked Questions and their official answers. One recent Alert pointed me to the FAQ section on the […]

Why do Christians consider the Bible to be the exclusive source of truth?

By Eric Johnson The following was part of an email addressed to MRM’s Eric Johnson, dated 9/14/16, regarding the Bible. My question for you is how you view the Bible as a whole. To me, it doesn’t really make sense to view the Bible itself as a final and ultimate source of religious truth (obviously), but […]

What if the Bible was translated correctly after all?

By Eric Johnson and Bill McKeever The eighth of Mormonism’s thirteen Articles of Faith found at the end of the Pearl of Great Price says, “We believe the Bible to be the Word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.” In other words, Mormons are […]

The Dead Sea Scrolls Q&A

An exhibit containing 10 fragments along with other artifacts from the Dead Sea Scrolls will be coming to the Leonardo ( in Salt Lake City, UT beginning Nov. 22, 2013 and staying until April 2014. We encourage every Christian believer to see this exhibit. Bill and Eric will be discussing these scrolls on their Viewpoint on Mormonism show from Tuesday, 11/19 through Friday, 11/22. Here are some quick questions and answers to help familiarize yourself with this topic.

Regarding an Open Canon

Speaking at the 178th semi-annual General Conference in Salt Lake City (April, 2008), Mormon Apostle Jeffrey Holland gave what he called his defense against those who “erroneously” claim that the LDS Church is not Christian. In this talk Holland discussed what he called the “bold assertion that God continues to speak His word and to reveal His truth. Revelations that mandate an open canon of scripture.” Space does not allow me to critique his entire talk, but I would like to comment on a few of his points.

Does Scholarship Support Article Eight of the Articles of Faith?

By Bill McKeever    

The LDS Church has had a history of being very critical regarding the accuracy of the Bible. In fact, it is the only book among the LDS standard works accepted with qualification. Article eight of the LDS Articles of Faith reads, “We believe the Bible as far as it is translated correctly …”