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Mormonism 201 (God the Father): Response to Richard Hopkins

Response to Richard Hopkins Rejoinder by Keith Walker In order to make this review easier to read, all original quotes from the Mormonism 201 rebuttal are boldfaced and italicized to separate these from the rest of the rejoinder. Through the years that I have known Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson, there are two constant thoughts […]

Wer ist der, den die Mormonen "Elohim" nennen?

Von Bill McKeever Übersetzt von Wolfgang Schneider (Translated by Wolfgang Schneider) Jahrhundertelange haben Christen ihren Glauben an einen Gott bekannt, der allein Gott ist (Jes 44,8) selbst-existent (Jes 43,10; 48,12) transzendent (4. Mose 23,19; Ps 50,21) unwandelbar (Ps 102, 27; Jes 46,10; Mal 3,6) ewig (Ps 90,2; 93,2) allgegenwärtig (1. Könige 8,27; Sprüche 15,3, Jes […]

"Adam-Gott" – Brigham Young’s Theorie oder göttliche Doktrin?

Von Bill McKeever Übersetzt von Wolfgang Schneider (Translated by Wolfgang Schneider) Am 9. April 1852 stieg Brigham Young, der zweite Präsident der Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage, auf die Kanzel des Salt Lake City Tabernakels und verkündete: “Es ist meine Absicht, diesen Abend mehrere Predigten zu halten, wie viele, weiß ich nicht.” […]

Exodus 33:20: Seeing God

Many skeptics and cultists have compared this verse with verse 11, which says Moses saw God “face to face” (also see Gen 32:30; Deut. 5:4). It is, they say, a contradiction. However, some passages in the Bible are not meant to be taken literally, including the expression “face to face.” This figuratively means that God […]

Chapter 1: Our Father in Heaven

During 2014, LDS members will be studying the latest manual published by their church, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith. We will evaluate this book regularly, chapter by chapter, by showing interesting quotes and providing an Evangelical Christian take on this manual. The text that is underlined is from the manual, with our comments following.

Exodus 33:11: seeing God

By Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson

Probably the passage most often cited to support people’s ability to see God is Exodus 33:11, which says, “And the Lord spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.” Yet verse 20 reads, “And he [God] said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.”

Origins of the Universe

When it comes to the origin of the universe, there are important differences between biblical Christianity and Mormonism. According to Chrsitianity, God created matter by His spoken word. Mormonism’s leaders disagree, saying matter has always exsited. Let’s contrast the viewpoints to see which one makes better sense according to the Bible and Christian history.

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