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Does the Bible really say that Jesus is God?

This is one in a series of articles on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. To see MRM’s website page on the Trinity to see other resources, please click here. By Eric Johnson The Bible teaches in many different ways that Jesus is God. It is the centerpiece of the Christian faith. Without this, Christians would be […]

Wer ist der, den die Mormonen den "Erretter" nennen?

Von Bill McKeever Übersetzt von Wolfgang Schneider (Translated by Wolfgang Schneider) ” Zum Zeugnis für Jesus Christus, sprach Präsident Hinckley zu denen außerhalb der Kirche, die sagen, die Heiligen der Letzten Tage (im Folgenden ‘HLT’ genannt) glaubten nicht an den überlieferten Christus. Nein, das tue ich auch nicht. Der überlieferte Christus, von dem sie sprechen, […]

Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies

The November 2014 Christianity Today (CT) magazine described a poll of Evangelical Christians and their beliefs about essential teachings of Christianity. Topics include the nature of Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well as issues involving salvation. What do Evangelical Christians believe about these teachings? Could heresy be creeping into the church? 

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