Will you be scared to enter a graveyard…with MRM’s Bill McKeever?

AAA Salt Lake Cemetery (1)You might be frightened to go into a graveyard just before Halloween–strangely, a day robustly celebrated throughout the state of Utah–but have no fear because MRM founder Bill McKeever will be there. The day and time will be announced on the Viewpoint on Mormonism show scheduled for Friday, October 14th. The two-hour personal tour will include visits to the graves of the Smith family, Bruce R. McConkie, Orrin Porter Rockwell, and many other figures. Stories about these personalities will be the highlight of your tour.

This special event will be limited to about 20 people and will be free of charge. Here is your chance to learn about some of the most interesting people ever associated with Mormonism.

To find out more about how you can save your spot, listen to the show or visit this page during the week of October 10th. And be sure to visit our website with more than 100 photos of the plaques and headstones at www.mormongraves.com!