May 2015 Electronic Offer of the Month: Emma Smith Million Dollar bills

Listen to the Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast that aired on Friday, May 1, 2015 explaining this month’s electronic special offer. Click here for more details. _____

Each year staff members from Mormonism Research Ministry spend the last two weeks of June in Manti, Utah as they share their Christian faith for three hours before eight different Mormon Miracle Pageants begin each night at 9:30 p.m.. This year the event will take place from June 18-20 and then from June 23-27, 2015. (If you would like to know more about this event, click here for more infomation.)_________

This year we are distributing a new “Million Dollar Bill” featuring Emma Smith, Joseph Smith’s first wife. Last year the Mormon Church admitted that Joseph Smith had up to 40 wives, including girls who were “almost” fifteen (fourteen). However, many Latter-day Saints still have not heard about this histroical fact. Understanding that Joseph Smith is not who they might have thought he was can be a breakthrough to the mindset of a dyed-in-the-wool Latter-day Saint. They may be curious to see the additional information available on, which is a website we have designed in connection with this bill.

For your minimum gift of $10.49 or more, we would like to send you a packet of 50 of these brand new bills. We invite you to support with more, but be sure that your gift ends with “49” cents so we will know that you want us to mail you the packet of bills. Just click on the icon below to make your gift through PayPal or your credit card. Be sure to leave your address in the memo. We will mail the packet of bills in early June before the Mormon Miracle Pageant takes place. 

We depend upon your generosity to fund this evangelism trip as the expenses for the production of these bills and our participation in this outreach are not included in our budget. As always, we are extremely grateful for your support of our ministry! Just click on the orange “Donate” button below.