Letter to Maranatha Tours from 3/6/2017

Dear Maranatha Tours,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime as the Israel tour we just returned from was excellent in so many ways.

After we signed up and we received our itinerary, we gathered a group of ladies from our church, split up the sites and did an in depth study through the Bible on each one.  We came together every 2 weeks for 5 months to complete each location we were to visit.  The study included videos from all over, including Joel Kramer, previous Maranatha tours and much more.  We also attended the 4 (missed one due to a change in weather) classes Eric held and two of the evenings with Joel when he was in SLC, and at our churches.  We also purchased Jodi Magness’ Great Course series.  I believed we were over-studied and wouldn’t get much out of the trip. Boy, were we wrong. The sites we saw, the history, current events, language, politics, religions, archaeology, our Jewish speaker… so much more information we couldn’t have gotten any other way. We were a happy, well informed group.

The prep work, the 50-day prayer and study guide we also did, and, seriously, praying for each person and all of our circumstances each day was a blessing, I believe that every day was blessed because of our prayers.

The concern of both Eric and Bill for each of us, at each site, gathering as much information as possible, the concern of the knowledge from our tour guide, Andre and the expert handling of the bus by Azam was beyond all expectations.  I have gone on tours like this previously.  I have also put tours together for our private travels, our Harley travelers, and many people coming to stay in our home from around the country and the world. Being seasoned, I understand the behind-the-scenes work it takes.

The professionalism of each person during the trip, the individual and corporate care was obvious and unlike any other trip I have experienced.   Just, WOW.

We thank you for the opportunity to pray, to worship, to do devotionals, to have baptisms, to eat good food, sleep in nice beds and for overall taking care of a large group with love and In His Name.

God Bless,

S. C.

Bountiful, UT