Michael Rabus

michael_rabusMichael Rabus was born and raised in a Christian family and gave his life to Christ at a young age.  He grew up in Southern California with a lot of Mormon friends, but he didn’t know a lot about their religion.  It wasn’t until 2012, while reading a “Twisted Scripture” entry in The Apologetics Study Bible concerning The Book of Abraham, that he heard God telling him to ask his Mormon co-worker what a Mormon is supposed to believe.  This was the catalyst that soon found Michael critically researching the history and doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In trying to find a unique evangelistic approach towards Mormons, Michael has found himself searching the monthly articles of the Ensign magazine to find proof that the good news of Mormonism isn’t really good news at all.  Michael and his wife Susanne met in Campus Crusade during college, and live in Oklahoma City with their two daughters and one son.