CEBC Email Communication November 17, 2017


Just a few more days before Thanksgiving! What a wonderful time of the year.

Video of the Week: During our time at the Sea of Galilee, we will visit Capernaum, which is known as the town of Jesus. Here we can see the synagogue’s foundation that would have been used by Jesus. More stories in the Galilee region happen in Capernaum than any other place. Here we can see Peter’s mother-in-law’s home. Anyway, check out this video from my February 2017 trip. Just click on the name of the last word in this sentence: Capernaum

Know anyone else interested? If you know anyone who has expressed interest in this trip, let me know–we do have room, but anyone signed up now needs to be willing to pay the full amount next month. Thus, we are no longer actively looking for new passengers.

Final billing: Your final bill will be coming out in the next week or so.  The deadline for payment is the last part of December–the due date will be on your bill. Please be sure to pay on time since the agency cannot pay for airline and hotel reservations until all the money is.

Visitation to SOCAL: I have come up with a more specific schedule at the end of January will be when Terri and I come for a visit and speak twice at each site.

Sat. 1/27:

10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.: Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Introduction / Q&A  / Biblical Archaeology (Upper Room)

Sat 1/27:

2:30 to 5 p.m.: Christian High School Introduction / Q&A / Biblical Archaeology (room number to be announced)

Sun 1/28:

12:15 to 2:15 p.m. (after second service): Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Dead Sea Scrolls (we’ll order pizza for lunch) (Upper Room)


Sun 1/29:

4 p.m. to 6 p.m.: Christian High School Dead Sea Scrolls (room number to be announced)

Mon 1/30:

TBA p.m.: Capistrano Valley Christian Introduction / Q&A  / Biblical Archaeology (room number to be announced)

Tuesday 1/31:

TBA p.m.: Capistrano Valley Christian Dead Sea Scrolls (room number to be announced)

When we get closer to these dates, I will ask for a head count of those who plan to come to these meetings. As promised, there will be a special gift for those who have watched or listened to at least 28 of the 36 episodes in The Holy Land Revealed. In addition, Terri and I will have prize give-aways. This is meant to be a fun time, a chance to get to meet each other, and a place to ask questions and get a good feel on what you should bring and what to expect on this trip. I fully understand you may not be able to come to both sessions (they are different), but hopefully you can come to one. For those who come to both, I have a special gift.

The Holy Land Revealed: Here are the next episodes in the series (and whether or not I recommend them):

Episode 15: “The Sectarian Settlement of Qumran: Good overview of the Essenes. I love the Dead Sea Scrolls, and this episode is important for you to understand where the Essenes originated. Recommended.

 Episode 16: Dead Sea Scrolls: TOP PICK. If you want to know the story of why the Dead Sea Scrolls are important, this is great. I will also talk about the Dead Sea Scrolls during one of my sessions in late January. Highly recommended.

 Episode 17: Essenes: If you like to hear about the toileting habits of the people who put the Dead Sea Scrolls together, then this episode is for you! Actually, it is fascinating to see what these ancient Jews did in regards to toilets and how, for this group of people, using the bathroom was an unclean act–though it wasn’t for the Pharisees and Sadduccees. Recommended.

Episode 18: From Roman Annexation to Herod the Great: A good overview of Roman history, especially the life of Herod the Great. This man was brutal. My favorite line by Jody Magness in the episode is “Herod the Great had 9 or 10 wives, depending on how you read Josephus. It wasn’t that he had 9 or 10 wives that would have been that difficult, but the fact that he had 9 or 10 mothers-in-law.” 🙂   At the end of the episode, she says that she doubts the Slaughter of the Innocents took place. I disagree. Just because there is no historical evidence does not mean it couldn’t have happened. We must remember Bethlehem was small then (as it’s small now) and Herod did so many crazy and cruel things that I doubt everything he did was recorded. Because Bethlehem was small, some speculate only a dozen or fewer infants/children were killed. I guess we will never know. Despite my objection to her last point, this episode is recommended.

Do you not have this series? YOU SHOULD! I have just come across two used copies of the 6-set (36 episodes) DVDs (but no book). If you would like one set for $50 plus $5 shipping, email me and I can get this to you. You can either pay me with a check or PayPal. Again, I believe that this series is the best resource to help get you ready for the trip. And it’s not too late to catch up.

At this point, we are half done reviewing the episodes in this series. I plan to cover 4 episodes in each email update, with the hope that I can complete the review by the beginning of February. Although I have recommended you could skip several episodes, I don’t believe I’ll suggest skipping any more from here on out because the second half of the DVDs are my favorite.

Coming soon! 50-day Prayer Journal. For CEBC, this is coming at Christmas. For CHS/CVHS, it will come in January.

Please pray! Peggy Allen is going to the doctor next week to have her knee examined, and it may need surgery. She is hoping it can be delayed until after the trip and that the doctor would give his blessing for her and her husband Jim to come with us.

Currently was have 26 people signed up for the Israel trip, 18 for Petra.

Here is the final devotional schedule for our trip:

Day 3:

Caesarea (in the theater built by Herod the Great): Eric Johnson 

Mt. Carmel: Peggy Allen

Day 4:

Dan: Kenny Dodd

Caesarea Philippi: Cathy Dodd

Day 5:

Baptism talk before the baptisms at the Jordan River: Kenny Dodd

Mount of Beatitudes (group reciting the Sermon on the Mount): Eric Johnson

Capernaum: Shelly Anderson

Day 6:

Upper Waterfall (David’s) at Ein Gedi (what a beautiful setting!):   Karen Vande Vegte

Day 7: 

Bethlehem (In a shepherd’s cave, we can sing Christmas carols afterward)  Cathy Dodd

Days 8-10: Joel Kramer will do the honors on these three days. On the Sunday Pastor Kenny will give a sermonette overlooking the Valley of Elah.

Day 11: 

Southern Steps at the foot of Temple Mount: Josh Kinkade

Day 12: 

Pool of Bethesda, just outside St. Anne’s Church (after devotional, we can sing Amazing Grace inside the church): Karen Vande Vegte

Garden Tomb (share message plus distributing communion): Kenny Dodd (with Eric Johnson to help distribute the elements)

I will write again in early December.

Eric Johnson

P.S. Here is the latest Joel Kramer video that comes from Shiloh, the place where the tabernacle sat for three centuries. If we have time on one of the Joel Kramer days, we hope to go here:

  • Episode 10: Shiloh (Time 12:23)