Evangelistic book to be printed by major publisher

Harvest House Publishers, a major Christian publisher of Christian material since 1974, is publishing a new book co-edited by MRM associate Eric Johnson and Christian apologist/educator Dr. Sean McDowell. Tentatively titled Sharing the Good News with Mormons: A Tactical Toolbox for Reaching Latter-day Saints, the book will feature contributions from more than 20 different evangelists, scholars, and pastors on a variety of evangelistic topics.

The book is scheduled to be released in June 2018.

The idea came to Johnson in 2016 when someone asked him which method of evangelism is best to use with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is a question that is often asked by those who want to understand a good strategy in sharing their Christian faith.

“There are many tactics, so it depends on you and your personality,” he answered the inquirer. “Perhaps someone should just write a book that includes a variety of possibilities as a one-stop source.”

That night, Johnson mulled over the idea and decided to ask some ministry friends to contribute to a compilation book. He envisioned a book that would feature short chapters to include the contributor’s philosophy and methods while including illustrative stories. Because this is a book on Christian evangelism–a topic that unfortunately will never be a best-seller at bookstores–Johnson decided that the idea would never appeal to nation-wide Christian publishers. Thus, he decided that the only option would be to self-publish, just as he did in 2016 when he printed Mormonism 101 for Teens. (In addition, Johnson has co-authored three published books on Mormonism (with Bill McKeever), including Answering Mormons’ Questions (Kregel, 2013) and Mormonism 101 (Baker, 2015).)

Johnson asked fellow apologists such as Keith and Becky Walker (Evidence Ministries), Chip Thompson (Tri-Grace Ministry) and John Kauer (Thinking About Eternity) to contribute chapters, with each one agreeing. Those at MRM (Bill McKeever, Eric Johnson, Randy Sweet, Sharon Lindbloom, and Aaron Shafovaloff) also agreed and have written chapters.

Other contributors invited to participate include Sandra Tanner (Utah Lighthouse Ministry), Dr. Corey Miller (president, Ratio Christi), Dr. Lynn Wilder (author of the best-selling book Unveiling Grace), author Mark Mittelberg, Matt Slick of Carm.org, and Dr. Bryan Hurlbutt (pastor of Lifeline Community in Utah). (See the whole line-up below.)

Each chapter is limited to 3,000 words and covers a particular tactic that has worked for a particular evangelist in the past. The target audience is made up of those Christians who would like to explore possible ways to share their faith with LDS friends, neighbors and relatives.

“We might not write about every single tactic that Christians have used to share their faith, but I guarantee we’ll get to the majority of them,” Johnson said. “And even if all a chapter does is stimulate thinking in a believer who might think there are related ways that tactic could be used, then we’ve done our job. I want Christians to think outside the box.”

Tentative outline

Introduction: Should Christians share the Good News with Mormons? Eric Johnson
1. Basic Training Approaches
Helping Our Friends Evaluate Truth Claims: The Straight-Thinking Approach Mark Mittelberg
Sharing the Reasons for God: The Evidence Approach Dr. Sean McDowell
Did God really say so? The Reliability-of-the-Bible Approach Matt Slick
Who is the Real Jesus? The Christ-Centered Approach Dr. Rob Bowman
Spotlight: Brett Kunkle Brett Kunkle
2. Reasoning Approaches
Investigating Mormonism: The Case-Making Approach J. Warner Wallace
Undermining Confidence in a Mormon’s Personal “Testimony”: The Police-Lineup Approach Dr. Corey Miller
Joseph Smith’s First Vision and The Book of Mormon: The Historical Approach Bill McKeever
Using Surveys to Reveal Truth to Mormons: The Polling Approach Chip Thompson
Spotlight: Micah Wilder Micah Wilder
3 Particular People Approaches
Sharing with a Mormon Family Member: The Keeping-Good-Relations Approach Carl Wimmer
When the Elders Come Calling: The Missionaries-at-Your-Door Approach Sandra Tanner
Sharing the Truth with LDS Women: The Compassion Approach Becky Walker
Preaching from an Asbestos Suit: Reasoning-with-Mormons-on-the-Internet Approach Fred Anson
Spotlight: Brody Olson Brody Olson
4.  Invitational Approaches
Engaging in Gospel Discussions: The Keep-It-Simple Approach Aaron Shafovaloff
LISTEN: The Conversational Approach Dr. David Geisler/Brian Henson
Authentic, Humble Dialogues with Mormons: The Colombo Approach Dr. Lynn Wilder
The Power of a Simple Invitation: The Come-and-See Approach Dr. Bryan Hurlbutt
Spotlight: Shane Jones  Shane Jones
5. LDS Event Approaches
Let your Voice Be Heard: The Open-Air-Evangelism Approach
Andrew Rappaport
Extra! Extra! Read all about It: The Newspaper Approach Sharon Lindbloom
The Miracle of Forgiveness: The Free-Book Approach Eric Johnson
Website Advertising: The Sign Approach Rob Sivulka
Spotlight: Steve Dealy Steve Dealy
6  Salvation Approaches
When Being Good is not Good Enough: The Awareness-of-Sin Approach Joel Groat
Can Something Valuable Really Be Free? The Meaning-of-Grace Approach Dr. Loren Pankratz
Are You Considered as Good as Jesus? The Imputation Approach John Kauer
I’m Trying My Best: The Impossible-Gospel Approach Keith Walker
Spotlight: James Walker James Walker
Go For It! Sean McDowell
Appendix 1: The Gospel According to the Bible
Appendix 2: 101 Mormons Terms Defined (from Aaronic Priesthood to Zion)
Word Index
Scripture Index