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Paid Ministry

Paid Ministry. The criticism Mormons have toward any local religious leader or pastor to receive a salary for their labors. According to Apostle Franklin Richards, “One of the important and distinguishing features of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that its affairs are administered by the lay members of the Church rather than by paid clergy. (Conference Reports, October 1968, p. 113). The motives of those who are paid are even questioned.


Bishop. Non-paid leader of a local Mormon ward. Also known as the “judge in Israel” who determines those who qualify for a temple recommend. His duties are similar to a Christian pastor. In a general conference talk, fifteenth President Gordon B. Hinckley explained, “We have more than 18,000 bishops in the Church. Every one is a man who has been called by the spirit of prophecy and revelation and set apart and ordained by the laying on of hands. Every one of them holds the keys of the presidency of his ward. Each is a high priest, the presiding high priest of his ward.