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Mormonism and the Blossoming Rose of Isaiah 35:1

by Sharon Lindbloom 9 July 2018 An article appeared online last month that took a critical look at water usage in the state of Utah. Journalist Nathalie Baptiste wrote, “Utah is one of the driest states in the country, but you couldn’t tell by how much water its residents are using. The average American uses […]

Born Again

Born Again. According to one church manual, “through the ordinances of baptism and confirmation, you were born again in to a new life” (True to the Faith, 2004, p. 25).  Another says, “We are saved when we are ‘born again.’ This happens when we enter into a covenant relationship with Christ by accepting baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and taking Christ’s name upon us. We must faithfully keep and renew that covenant relationship” (Book of Mormon Seminary Student Guide, 2000, p. 100).