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Mormons Urged to Keep on the Covenant Path

by Sharon Lindbloom 22 January 2018 On Friday, January 12 (2018) the 16th LDS President, Thomas Monson, was laid to rest. On Sunday, January 14, Russell M. Nelson was set apart as the new President, Prophet, Seer, and Revelator of the LDS Church. On Tuesday, January 16, the Church’s newly formed First Presidency (Russell M. […]

Chapter 15: The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

During 2016, LDS members will be studying the latest manual published by their church, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Howard W. Hunter We will evaluate this book regularly, chapter by chapter, by showing interesting quotes and providing an Evangelical Christian take on this manual. The text that is in boldfaced is from the manual, […]

Covenants: The (Unkept) Promises

Covenants: The (Unkept) Promises

By Eric Johnson

An article (with no listed author) was the main attraction in the July 2012 Ensign magazine. Titled “Covenants: Our Most Important Promises,” it describes an ordinance as “a sacred, formal act performed by the authority of the priesthood. Some ordinances are essential to our salvation. As part of these ‘saving ordinances,’ we enter into solemn covenants with God.”


Covenants. Two-way promises made by members with God. When the member keeps the promises, God keeps His promise of blessing. When the member does not keep the promises, the agreement is broken and God is under no obligation for eternal life (exaltation). Quoting sixteenth LDS President Thomas S. Monson, the July 2012 Ensign (“Understanding Our Covenants with God: An Overview of our Most Important Promises, p. 22) explains that “sacred covenants are to be revered by us, and faithfulness to them is a requirement for happiness.

Sacrament Promises That Will Always Be Broken

Water Sacrament

By Bill McKeever

Each week millions of faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints partake in what they call the sacrament service. Though similar to the Christian tradition of communion in that members are asked to reflect on the life of Christ and His sacrifice, the sacrament meeting does have some distinct differences. For one, despite an April 1830 command in Doctrine and Covenants 20:75 “that the church meet together often to partake of bread and wine in the remembrance of the Lord,” Mormons partake of bread and water, not wine or grape juice.