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Chapter 18: Virtue—a Cornerstone on Which to Build Our Lives

During 2017, LDS members will be studying the latest manual published by their church, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley. We will evaluate this book regularly, chapter by chapter, by showing interesting quotes and providing an Evangelical Christian take on this manual. The quotes from Hinckley are in bold, with my comments […]


Homosexuality. Strongly prohibited in the LDS church. A person who is a practicing homosexual is not allowed to get a temple recommend. Twelfth President Spencer W. Kimball explained, “In this context, where stands the perversion of homosexuality? Clearly it is hostile to God’s purpose in that it negates his first and great commandment to ‘multiply and replenish the earth.’ If the abominable practice became universal it would depopulate the earth in a single generation.