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Jaredites. A group of people who supposedly came to the Americas around 2247 B.C. The Book of Mormon details their exploits in the book of Ether. Apostle Robert D. Hales told a General Conference audience, “The book of Ether gives a history of a civilization, the Jaredites, who left the Old World at the time of the Tower of Babel, approximately 2200 B.C. The Lord directed them to journey across the sea to the promised land in divinely designed barges.

Did Mahonri Moriancumr Discover America?

By Bill McKeever 

Who was first to reach the New World? Many historians believe it was the Italian-born explorer Christopher Columbus, who, on August 3, 1492, set sail across the Atlantic and, three months later, landed on an island in the Bahamas he called San Salvador. Others contend that explorers from the north country, the Vikings, actually arrived in the New World half a millennium before Columbus.