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"Mercy Cannot Rob Justice" — The Need for Mormons to Merit Exaltation


I recall listening on the news to some of the eulogy given at the funeral of a Mormon murder victim. It was not unlike many funeral messages I’ve heard. Much of it dealt with the positive aspects of the deceased’s personality and achievements. It also included a hopeful message that the deceased was experiencing the joy of full salvation. But how could this be known? Mormons generally are quick to insist they will go to heaven, but which “heaven” or “degree of glory”of Mormonism is being referenced? When I speak with Mormons, it is not uncommon for them to admit that they have no idea whether or not they have met the lengthy requirements that are mandatory for exaltation. If such an assurance eludes a Mormon while they are alive, how can a person giving their eulogy be so sure the deceased’s exaltation was achieved?