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Technology is Changing Mormon Missionary Work

by Sharon Lindbloom 21 March 2018 On March 8, 2018, Deseret News ran a story with a lengthy title that began, “How technology is changing Mormon missionary work.” This article discusses the LDS missionary force’s increased use of technology to find and teach investigators, often via online chats. Relating one such chat, the Deseret News […]

LDS apostle warns about revelation “from the wrong source.”

by Sharon Lindbloom 4 December 2017 On November 19, 2017, LDS apostles Dallin H. Oaks and M. Russell Ballard answered the questions of young single adult Mormons from around the world. Over 4,000 questions were submitted for this “Face-to-Face” event, but the approximately hour-and-a-half long broadcast didn’t allow for more than a dozen or so […]

King Follett Discourse

King Follett Sermon. A sermon given by Joseph Smith just three months before Joseph Smith was killed in a gun battle. On April 7, 1844, Smith declared that Joseph Smith was an exalted man who lived on an earth. It should be the goal of every person, he said, to be like God. In the sermon, he also denied ex nihilo creation and explained how the council of gods in the preexistence prepared for the creation of the earth.