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When the Doorbell Rings: Another Missionaries-at-Your-Door Approach

By Bill McKeever Note: Before Sandra Tanner joined the team of contributors and wrote her chapter on sharing with missionaries at the door, Bill McKeever had written a similar chapter before he was reassigned. We thought you would like to see another take on dealing with missionaries at your door. Summary When Mormon missionaries visit their […]

Technology is Changing Mormon Missionary Work

by Sharon Lindbloom 21 March 2018 On March 8, 2018, Deseret News ran a story with a lengthy title that began, “How technology is changing Mormon missionary work.” This article discusses the LDS missionary force’s increased use of technology to find and teach investigators, often via online chats. Relating one such chat, the Deseret News […]

Chapter 21: The Latter-Day Miracle of Missionary Work

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley, 2016 During 2017, LDS members will be studying the latest manual published by their church, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley. We will evaluate this book regularly, chapter by chapter, by showing interesting quotes and providing an Evangelical Christian take on this manual. […]

The Mormon Testimony and Wishful Thinking

By Sharon Lindbloom 25 July 2017 At the Mormon Church’s 2017 Seminar for New Mission Presidents last month, LDS apostle D. Todd Christofferson spoke on the power of the Book of Mormon in converting people to Mormonism. In his remarks, Mr. Christofferson told the story of a returned missionary who was struggling with his faith […]

Mormon Missionary Strategy Gone Wrong

By Sharon Lindbloom 21 June 2016 On June 11th (2016) The Salt Lake Tribune reported an odd Mormon-related story. Four LDS missionaries got in trouble with local authorities in Mexico for attempting to baptize three young brothers (a 9-year-old and 11-year-old twins) without their parents’ permission. Even stranger, the boys didn’t want to be baptized. […]

A review of Preach My Gospel: A Manual used by LDS missionaries

By Eric Johnson Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service was published by the LDS Church in 2004. It is a manual that thousands of LDS missionaries study–both before and during their mission–so they can be successful on their missions. During 2016, MRM is reviewing each of the chapters of this manual. Selections from each chapter […]

Ask an Elder?

One of our readers wrote to say that we at MRM are like the “Consumer Product Safety Commission for Christians.” This compliment says a lot since it is our goal to closely examine the teachings of the LDS Church so that Christians (and Mormons) can make an informed decision when it comes to the Mormon Church’s claim of being Christian.

However, many Mormons insist that only Mormons should be sought out for an “unbiased” explanation of the Mormon faith. This was clearly emphasized in a review of Mormonism 101 posted on Amazon.com. Here, a Mormon named “Gino” insisted, “Does it not make sense that if you want to find out about somebody’s beliefs, you should ask someone who is a part of their religion; who is a practicing member?” A similar criticism came from “Jone” who wrote, “Frankly, if you want to learn about Mormons, you’d be better served talking to an Elder or member of the LDS Church.”

Get the Fire: Young Mormon Missionaries Abroad

 By Eric Johnson

"Get the Fire"—a one-hour documentary that observed several Mormon missionaries during their two years of church service—was aired during Christmastime 2003 on many PBS stations. Although the response from a number of Mormon viewers was negative, the film is truly an honest and objective portrayal of the hopes and fears that a typical LDS missionary experiences.