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Mormon Endowment Ceremony Origins

By Sharon Lindbloom 13 June 2017 One hundred eighty years ago this month (June 2017) W.A. Cowdery, the Mormon editor of the Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate, told readers about ancient Greece. He explained, “The history of Greece for a period of three hundred years preceding the Trojan war, is intermixed with fables; but […]

Temple Tourism

By Sharon Lindbloom 29 April 2016 I was puzzled by an article that recently came across my desk. Published by Pulse Nigeria, journalist Onnaedo Okafor provided readers with a list of “7 ancient temples around the world every culture enthusiast should visit.” The list included four Buddhist temples, one Sikh temple, and one Baha’i temple, […]

Forever Families?

By Sharon Lindbloom 1 April 2016 Last week (3/22/16) Mormon blogger and author Mette Ivie Harrison answered the question, “Do Mormons Still Practice Polygamy?” Her “short answer” was “No.” But she followed up with another 1,000 words explaining that, in some cases, the answer is “Yes.” These special cases involve plural marriage among Fundamentalist Mormons […]

Mormonism 201 (The Temple): Response to Benjamin McGuire

Response to Benjamin McGuire Reviewed by Lane A. Thuet Editor’s Note: Bible verses quoted are from the New International Version; the author’s exact words are in bold and italics; and comments in squared brackets [ ] are the authors’ clarifications – unless otherwise stated. Generally, bold-facing in the quotes are my emphasis. In his review […]

Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple

In 2002, the LDS Church produced a booklet titled Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple. It was written for those who are preparing to go through one of the dozens of Mormons temples located around the world (141 at the time of this writing). What is the LDS leadership telling its people about temples? Does what takes place in the LDS temples line up with biblical teaching? And do truth-seeking people need such things as temple ordinances, sealings, and baptisms for the dead?  Let’s consider these questions as we review this publication.

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith Chapter 8

Unlike temples from biblical times, LDS temples are used by worthy living members to perform proxy baptisms for the dead as well as participate in the endowment and perform sealings for time and eternity. Vicarious baptisms on behalf of those who are deceased comprise a great majority of the activity behind temple doors. The endowment involves ceremonies where the members learn about the plan of salvation while making covenants (promises) that, Apostle Russell M. Nelson said, “will qualify you and your family for the blessings of eternal life.” (“Face the Future with Faith,”Ensign, May 2011, 36.). He also said, “The possibility of eternal life—even exaltation—is available to us through our obedience to covenants made and ordinances received in holy temples of God.” (“Prepare for the Blessings of the Temple,” Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(supplement to the Ensign magazine), October 2010, 50).

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