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The Creator-Gods of Mormonism

By Sharon Lindbloom 18 April 2017 The LDS Church has recently released new scripture-themed coloring and activity books for children. One is an updated version of an older Book of Mormon coloring book, while the other is based on the Mormon scripture volume, Pearl of Great Price. Both are available to download for free. The […]

Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price

Doctrine and Covenants (Video) The Top 10 Doctrine & Covenants verses to use with Latter-day Saints (half-hour TV show with Doris Hanson and Eric Johnson) Removing the “Doctrine” out of Doctrine and Covenants Better to have never known (D&C 137:7)? Book of Mormon/Doctrine and Covenants Witnessing Sheets Pearl of Great Price (Offsite) The Oldest Biblical Text? Joseph […]