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Mormonism 201 (Grace and Works): Response to Kevin Graham

Response to Kevin Graham Rejoinder by Eric Johnson (Editor’s Note: In order to make this review easier to read, all original quotes used from the Mormonism 201 rebuttal are boldfaced and italicized to separate these from the rest of the rejoinder.) Though Kevin Graham writes one of the longer rebuttals in the Mormonism 201 project, he is […]

Quotes on Merit, Earning, Worthiness, and Qualification

2000 – present

“Let us make our homes sanctuaries of righteousness, places of prayer, and abodes of love that we might merit the blessings that can come only from our Heavenly Father…  How might we merit this promise [spoken of in Ezekiel 36]? What will qualify us to receive this blessing?” – Thomas S Monson, “To Learn, to Do, to Be”, October 2008 Conference (cf. “To Learn, To Do, To Be,” Ensign, May 1992, 47)