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What Every Mormon (and Non-Mormon) Should Know: Examining Mormon History, Doctrines and Claims

Reviewed by Eric Johnson

Former Mormonism Research Ministry associate Lane Thuett has teamed with Edmond Gross to put together a well-documented 500+-page book on the subject of Mormonism. The authors have pitched a winner as they utilize a great number of authoritative sources to show that Mormonism is truly much different than historical Christianity.

The book is fully documented, with more than a hundred pages of footnotes included in the back. (It would have been nice if these notes had been incorporated as footnotes, but that’s not the way most publishers work.) Broken down into 13 chapters, the book deals with such issues as the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, the Godhead, priesthood, and salvation. Utilizing more than a thousand quotations—honestly, I didn’t count, but there were at least this many and probably many more—the authors use boldface type to highlight certain parts of each quote. This feature helps attract the reader’s eye to the most important element of the longer quotes, which the authors usually provided with the surrounding context.

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