Utah+ Library Project

In 2013, MRM put a copy of Answering Mormons’ Questions into practically every public library throughout the state of Utah. (That was more than 100 copies!) Now we are asking our supporters for help in getting copies of Mormonism 101 (Baker 2015) into these same Utah libraries as well as every Utah college and university. In addition, we are attempting to get copies of both books into about 25% of the largest Idaho libraries as well as the main library of every US city where the LDS Church has a temple (more than 50!). Would you like to help us with this project? Just click the orange “Donate” button on the right side of the main MRM page, determine an amount, and put “UTAH LIBRARY PROJECT” in the memo line to let us know that your gift is meant for the Utah+ Library Project. (Your gifts are tax-deductible and you will receive a paper receipt in the mail.) If we get the funds, we would like to distribute up to 300 total books to public libraries where students and others may go to do research. We will collect funds through the month of January and will report on the results in the March/April Mormonism Researched. Thank you!