List of MRM’s videos

Videos from the Holy Land

  • A series of 26 episodes from the February 2013 Turkey/Israel trip led by MRM
  • A series of 16 episodes from the February 2015 Israel trip led by MRM–these videos feature archaeologist/filmmaker Joel Kramer
  • A series of 30 short videos (2-3 minutes each) from the February 2017 Israel trip led by MRM–produced by Ritch Sandford and Loren Pankratz
  • A series of 4 episodes from the 2018 Israel trip led by Eric Johnson, featuring Joel Kramer

Introductory Videos

  • MRM Promo Video: (11:33) This video, which was produced in 2009, explains a little more about our objectives at Mormonism Research Ministry. This is a great video to show a pastor who wants to learn more about what we do. 
  •  Is Mormonism Christian? (2:42): A quick look at why we do not consider Mormonism to be the same as Christianity.

Full-length videos

Full-length teachings

Television Shows

Short Videos 


Book of Abraham

Book of Mormon




Joseph Smith

         Stories of Joseph Smith’s Wives (actresses playing wives of Joseph Smith)__________________


Should A Christian Date a Mormon (3 parts): Join Carissa Johnson as she considers whether or not Christians have freedom to date Mormons

Temple Ceremonies (off-site, not MRM’s)