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April Special Electronic Offer: Get your copy of 10 Q&As on Mormonism

Check out the 3/30 Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast explaining the April offer.

Through the month of April, give an electronic donation of $12.22 or more–making sure your donation ends with “22” cents–and MRM will mail you a copy of Rose Publishing’s 10 Questions & Answers on Mormonism through the US Mail. This glossy pull-out pamplet was written by MRM’s Bill McKeever and includes answers to 10 important questions, as well as a page of “Tips for Talking with Mormons”  and a “Glossary of Mormon Terms.” Even if you don’t know very much about Mormonism, this handy resource can be read in less than an hour and will provide you excellent background information on the background of the Mormon Church.

Just click on the orange donate button below and we’ll mail this to you at the end of April. Be sure to provide your mailing address in the memo box just to make sure we have it. Your donations help run the important ministry of MRM, so we thank you in advance for your vital financial support.

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