Will the LDS Church ever overturn the ban on hot drinks?

By Eric Johnson (Revised 7/2/2019) Prior to the April 2019 General Conference, there were many who were speculating about a possible change in Mormonism to allow coffee and tea, both of which are banned in the Word of Wisdom. Imagine the rejoicing of retail establishments such as Starbucks and Beans and Brews throughout Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Wyoming if … Read more

A revelation from God? Refraining from using “LDS,” “Mormon” demanded by Nelson

By Eric Johnson Listen to a 5-part Viewpoint on Mormonism series on this topic that aired November 5-9, 2018  Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5 Russell M. Nelson, the 17th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, made a claim that God personally revealed to him how “LDS,” “Mormon,” “Mormonism,”  and other nicknames referring … Read more

7 ways Mormon leaders aren’t budging on traditional LDS doctrines

By Eric Johnson There are some Christians—including those possessing Ph.D.’s—who have come to the conclusion that Mormonism has moved ever so close to Christian orthodoxy in recent years. While some folks—including a few BYU professors and LDS apologists—appear seem to delight in allowing this impression to be made to the outside world, this isn’t what I am finding when … Read more

“Understanding the Handbook”: A Review

By Eric Johnson The LDS Church has received a firestorm of criticism for adding a new section to its Handbook 1 (16.13) that prohibits children living in homes with homosexual parents from being able to participate in naming/blessing rites or baptism at the age of 8. For more on that and to better understand my comments … Read more

Apostolic Succession and Church Organization


  • “John’s departure was the end of the Lord’s Church in the Old World. The withdrawal of apostolic power did not take place by accident. Had it been God’s will, he would have chosen others to hold the keys and to continue the succession of the Twelve. But it appears that the rejection of true doctrine and authority was so widespread the Church could not continue.” – Kent P. Jackson, From Apostasy to Restoration, ch. 3

The Fastest Growing Church in the World?

Does accelerated growth of a group somehow validate that what the group teaches is true? To many Latter-day Saints, the growth (or perceived growth) of their church is evidence that the restored gospel of Mormonism must be true. No one doubts that the LDS Church is a growing church and for this reason alone every Christian should be concerned. However, statistics don’t support the notion that the LDS Church is the


growing church in the United States or the world. The fact is, convert baptisms have actually decelerated over the past decade or so.