Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple

In 2002, the LDS Church produced a booklet titled Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple. It was written for those who are preparing to go through one of the dozens of Mormons temples located around the world (141 at the time of this writing). What is the LDS leadership telling its people about temples? Does what takes place in the LDS temples line up with biblical teaching? And do truth-seeking people need such things as temple ordinances, sealings, and baptisms for the dead?  Let’s consider these questions as we review this publication.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

A 24-page pamphlet titled “The Gospel of Jesus Christ” was produced by the Mormon Church in 2008. It describes the LDS gospel by using words such as salvation, grace, mercy, and baptism. What exactly does Mormonism mean by these terms? We will take a look at the entire pamphlet (the words of which are underlined) and then provide commentary to show that Mormonism’s gospel is not the same as taught in biblical Christianity. 

For the Strength of Youth

For the Strength of Youth is a small 44-page booklet approved by the LDS First Presidency and meant for the young people in the LDS Church covering a variety of issues. According to Sevety Stanley G. Ellis in the last General Conferece, “Along with the scriptures, some great sources for finding the Lord’s way are True to the Faith, For the Strength of Youth, and another teachings of the living apostles and prophets” (“The Lord’s Way,” Ensign, May 2013 (Conference Edition), p. 37). In this review, written for pre-teens as well as teenagers, we’ll quote word-for-word from this booklet as our source material. We will see what the Church is telling its young people and determine if the advice given by the LDS Church in this booklet is actually in accordance with the teachings of the Bible? If you are a Latter-day Saint young person, I especially encourage you to read this booklet and review it for yourself. See what is true and then follow that with all your heart.

The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

 The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a booklet given away  by missionaries to prospective converts. According to LDS teaching, the    priesthood in ancient Christendom was made void soon after the  death  of the apostles. The “Great Apostasy” corrupted Christianity until  it  was  restored by Joseph Smith in the 19th century. Let’s look at this pamphlet,  paragraph by paragraph, and see if there are any problems  with the  teachings as proposed by the LDS Church.

The Plan of Salvation: A Review

The Plan of Salvation booklet was produced in 2008 and is apparently used by Mormon 
 missionaries to explain the three questions that potential converts commonly ask: Where did I come from? What is my purpose in life? And where am I going? This 24-page booklet (measuring 5×7 inches) includes 8 pages of pictures, taking up one-third of the space, and is meant to be an easy read for a layperson. Since this is printed by the LDS Church (with the church’s official emblem on the back cover), we will quote the booklet word-for-word, providing commentary from an Evangelical Christian perspective. What you will discover is that the doctrines of the Mormon Church when it comes to the “plan of salvation” are not in line with the teachings from the Bible.