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  • Sharing the Good News with Mormons: A variety of ways to better share your faith with your Latter-day Saint friends and family members (book published in 2018 by Harvest House; everyone involved at MRM wrote a chapter!)

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See 99 quotes from Gospel Principles

Introduction    Chapter 1: Our Heavenly Father    Chapter 2: Our Heavenly Family     Chapter 3: Jesus Christ       Chapter 4: Freedom to Choose     Chapter 5: The Creation   Chapter 6: The Fall  Chapter 7: The Holy Ghost   Chapter 8: Prayer   Chapter 9: Prophets of God   Chapter 10: Scripture  Chapter 11: The Life of Christ   Chapter 12: The Atonement  Chapters 13 and 14: The Priesthood  Chapter 15: The Lord’s Covenant People   Chapter 16: The Church in Former Times Chapter 17: The Church Today  Chapter 18: Faith in Christ   Chapter 19: Repentance   Chapter 20: Baptism   Chapters 21 and 22: Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost   Chapter 23: The Sacrament  Chapter 24: The Sabbath Day  Chapters 25 and 26: Fasting and Sacrifice   Chapter 27 and 28: Work and Service  Chapter 29: Word of Wisdom   Chapter 30: Charity   Chapter 31: Honesty  Chapter 32: Tithes and Offerings   Chapters 33 and 34: Missionary Work/Talents    Chapter 35: Obedience   Chapter 36: Families can be eternal   Chapter 37:Family Responsibilities  Chapter 38: Eternal Marriage   Chapter 39: Law of Chastity   Chapter 40: Temple Work   Chapter 41: Postmortal Spirit World  Chapter 42: The House of Israel   Chapter 43: Signs of the Second Coming  Chapter 44: The Second Coming  Chapter 45: The Millennium   Chapter 46: The Final Judgment    Chapter 47: Exaltation   Gospel Principles Conclusion



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