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Inspired Version (Joseph Smith Translation) Definition

Inspired Version.  Also known as the Joseph Smith Translation (JST). According to Doctrine and Covenants 73, Smith was commanded by God to work on a new translation of the Bible. It is said this was accomplished by way of revelation. While Mormon leaders have argued that the translation was not finished, the History of the Church reports that Smith finished his translation of the Bible in 1833. In a personal letter dated July 2, 1833, Smith wrote, “We this day finished the translating of the Scriptures, for which we returned gratitude to our Heavenly Father” (DHC 1:368). The Inspired Version is really not a translation at all because Smith did not use ancient manuscripts in his rendition. He merely changed the King James Version of the Bible wherever he saw fit and even inserted a prophecy concerning his own birth in Genesis 50:33 (JST). Yet tenth LDS Presdient had the audacity to say, “The Prophet Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible is one of the greatest tangible evidences of his spiritual insight and divine calling” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Footnote 6, 11).

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