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The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible

In addition to the LDS standard works, Joseph Smith, Jr. made his own translation of the Bible. This was done without consulting any Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic texts. Smith went so far as to write off the Song of Solomon as uninspired and to insert a “prophecy” into Genesis 50:33 about himself.

Gospel Principles on the JST

“Through the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Lord has expanded our understanding of some passages in the Bible. The Lord inspired the Prophet Joseph to restore truths to the Bible text that had been lost or changed since the original words were written. These inspired corrections are called the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. In the Latter-day Saint edition of the King James Version of the Bible, selected passages from the Joseph Smith Translation are found on pages 797–813 and in many footnotes.” (Gospel Principles [2009], ch. 10)


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