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Listen to the Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast Compassionate and Boldness: Two Mutually Exclusive Terms?  that aired originally on October 10, 2011.

Many Christians would love to speak with their LDS friends and loved ones but many say they aren’t sure of what to say. Since 1979 Mormonism Research Ministry has been helping pastors educate their congregations about the differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity and has offered valuable information that can give your people confidence in sharing their Christian faith. Whether it is a one-night introduction or a multiple-meeting series, Mormonism Research Ministry has a number of presentations that will be both informative and Christ-honoring. Please consult our calendar for open dates and comments from pastors for commendation. Also, consider what some attenders have said about our Compassionate Boldness symposium. We also invite you to watch a video that explains the purpose of MRM.

When possible, we love to share one of our two “Compassionate Boldness” symposiums. Each is a total of four hours, which can take place in one day (typically, a Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or over two nights (two hours per night).

Symposium I covers four hours on:

   * An introduction to Mormonism

   * The Book of Mormon

   * The Godhead

   * Salvation

Symposium II covers, in detail, the LDS plan of salvation, from premortality to godhood for faithful Latter-day Saints. We also spend time in the second hour with the Book of Abraham.

Unless otherwise noted, the following presentations work well during a regular worship service, Sunday school, or Bible study. We are flexible according to your church’s needs.

  1. Understanding our Mormon Neighbors — An introduction examining how Mormons determine what is true and what makes their beliefs unique. We also look at how we can engage in effective dialogue with LDS members. 
  2. Is it time to allow the Mormon Church into the Christian Fold? — Has the Mormon Church changed enough in recent years to finally be accepted as Christian? Is it just a battle of semantics or has it really changed at all? 
  3. The Book of Mormon — An examination of claims made by LDS leaders regarding this book and how those claims are not met. Contradictions between the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and the Book of Mormon and Mormonism. Also looks at how Joseph Smith “translated” this book. 
  4. Troublesome Passages from Mormon Scriptures — Examines several teachings taken directly from Mormon Scriptures and how to respond to our Mormon friends in light of them. 
  5. The Temple Ceremony — Examines claims by LDS leaders regarding the LDS Endowment Ceremony and Baptism for the Dead. Also looks at the changes made to the ceremony in April 1990. 
  6. The God of Mormonism — Examines several attributes of the God of the Bible and, by using quotes from Mormon leaders, shows how the Mormon God differs from the God of Christianity. 
  7. The “Living Christ” of Mormonism — Examines claims by LDS leaders regarding the Jesus of Mormonism. 
  8. Celestial Law — Examines the salvation requirements a Mormon must follow if he hopes to receive the best his religion has to offer. Offers many suggestions as to how use this information in witnessing situations. 
  9. Examining Mormon “Proof-texts” — A look at some of the many verses Mormons like to use from the Bible that they feel supports the LDS position. 
  10. Sola Scriptura Mormonism? — Though the LDS Church claims to use the Bible, it is clear from Mormon leaders that neither it, nor any other written source, is the final say when it comes to doctrine. 
  11. Forgiveness According to Mormonism: Now? Later? Ever? — A look at what is required for a Mormon to know if he is forgiven. 

If your church is interested in having MRM come to speak, associate Eric Johnson would be happy to provide more details. His email is eric at

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