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ON SALE NOW! Mormonism 101: Revised and Expanded (Baker: 2015) by MRM’s Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson. (From the back cover) Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. For those who have wondered in what specific ways Mormonism differs from the Christian faith, Mormonism 101 provides definitive answers, examing the major tenets of Mormon theology and comparing them with biblical Christian beliefs. Issues such as the concept of God, humankind, scripture, salation, ordinances, and revelation are thoroughly examined. A new appendix on logical fallacies is also included. A complimentary leader’s guide for group studies is available on mrm’s website. This book is perfect for students of religion and anyone who wants to have answers when Mormons come calling.


ON SALE NOW! Answering Mormons’ Questions: Ready Responses for Inquiring Latter-day Saints 
(Kregel 2013) by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson. (From the back cover) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints boasts millions of members, thousands of missionaries, and congregations on every continent. With the church’s growing presence in our communities, places of business, and in the political arena, it’s more important than ever for you to be prepared to answer questions from your Mormon friends, neighbors, co-workers, and from fellow believers as well. There are 36 common questions that Mormons will often ask, along with detailed responses and plenty of quotations from LDS Church resources. You will have plenty of background information to give a studied response. Also available is a complimentary leaders’ guide available on mrm’s website.

ITOW 2016

In their Own Words: A Collection of Mormon Quotations Combination Book and CD (2016 edition) compiled by Bill McKeever. This is a 388-page book that is accompanied by a CD containing PDF file of Bill McKeever’s groundbreaking work that compiles important LDS quotes. Quotes found in the PDF file can be cut and pasted into your email or Word documents. This resource serves as an A-Z guide for the quotes Bill uses regularly in his research as well as on the Viewpoint on Mormonism podcasts.

ITOW 2016

In their Own Words: A Collection of Mormon Quotations CD only (2016 edition) compiled by Bill McKeever.Compiled by Bill McKeever. This is a CD (book not included) containing a PDF of the 388-page resource compilation of hundreds of important LDS quotes. Quotes found in the PDF file can be cut and pasted into your email or Word documents. This resource serves as an A-Z guide for the quotes Bill uses regularly in his research as well as on the Viewpoint on Mormonism podcasts.


Viewpoint on Mormonism Examines Spencer W. Kimball’s The Miracle of Forgiveness (2014). The Miracle of Forgiveness written by LDS President Spencer W. Kimball is one of the few books ever recommended from general conference pulpits. It was written as a guide to help members of the LDS Church better understand what God requires of them if they hope to receive forgiveness of sins and ultimately reach exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom. This disc includes 45 broadcasts discussing this book chapter by chapter. Plays on computers and listening devices that are MP3 compatible.

Viewpoint on Mormonism Examines the LDS manual Gospel Principles (2015). This official church manual is meant to be used as a study guide to explain the doctrines of the LDS Church pertaining to Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Fall, the Atonement, Priesthood, Scriptures, and a hot of other topics. Included on this CS is a bonus PDF that includes notes highlighting portions from various chapters. Plays on computers and listening devices that are MP3 compatible.


Water Round the Altar (2007) by Sharon Lindbloom. A 30-day apologetics devotional designed to help you recognize the one true God. With daily readings from the Bible accompanied by short commentary, you will come to understand that God treasures truth and longs for you to love Him with an undivided heart. Concentrating on the biblical call to discernment, Water Round the Altar highlights the tools God has provided by distinguishing His truth from error and His prophets from false prophets.

Joseph Smith & Muhammad: A characterisitic comparison between the leaders of Mormonism and Islam by Eric Johnson (32 pages, 2009). Despite having lived more than a millennium apart, two charismatic religious leaders of two prominent religions that were founded on opposite sides of the globe are revered by millions of people as authentic messengers of God. Muhammad, who founded Islam in Arabia during the early seventh century, and Joseph Smith, Jr. are obviously different in many aspects. However, when their lives are closely studies, a number of similarities can be seen.

The Palmyra Revival & Mormon Origins by Rev. Wesley Walters (34 pages, 2012). It has been readily accepted among Latter-day Saints that a “religious excitement” took place in Palmyra, New York in the spring of 1820. Mormons are told that it was this 1820 revival that sparked a young Joseph Smith to seek God and to ask which of all the churches were true. However, the accuracy of the “official” First Vision account was seriously challenged when a researcher by the name of Wesley Walters discovered that there was no 1820 revival in Palmyra.


ON SALE NOW! 10 Questions and Answers on Mormonism (Rose Publishing pamphlet) by Bill McKeever. Have you ever wanted to know which key beliefs, practices, and history make up the LDS religion? In a simple yet factual fashion, Bill McKeever uses a pamphlet to answer questions such as “Was Joseph Smith a true prophet of God?” and “Why do Mormons build temples?” In addition, there is a section titled “Tips for Talking with Mormons” as well as a “Glossary of Mormon Terms.” For those who have little background about this fascinating religion, this is a great place to start.


MRM carries a selection of “Million Dollar bills” featuring different LDS Church personalities. We have found these bills to be successful in doing personal or street evangelism.

Joseph Smith Million Dollar Bill Packet of of 100: Mormonism’s “Impossible Gospel” is featured on the back. Features the website This is our MOST POPULAR tract. (Click here for pack of 50)

Brigham Young Million Dollar Bill Packet of 100: The Virgin Birth according to Mormonism are featured on the reverse of this bill. Features the website (Click here for pack of 5o)

Million Dollar Bill Kimball Front

Spencer Kimball Million Dollar Bill Packet of 100: This bill utilizes the Spencer W. Kimball book The Miracle of Forgiveness to explain that nobody is able to do everything that is required in the Mormon religion. Features the website (Click here for pack of 5o)

 Emma Smith Million Dollar Bill Packet of 100: While Emma is on the obverse, Joseph Smith’s 33 wives are listed on the back. Features the website (Click here for pack of 50)


Buddy and Santa Million Dollar Bill Packet of 100: A great bill to hand out at Christmastime, more than 30,000 of these bills have been distributed at the Temple Square area since 2010. It talks about being a “good” person and what that entails. Features the website (Click here for pack of 50)


Here are some of our favorite DVDs (click each selection to see details)

Bible vs BofM

The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon: The Book of Mormon claims to be “a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible.” Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon declare themselves to be ancient, historical, and reliable rules of faith–the very word of God. These claims have historically been taken on faith. But is there any evidence to support them one way or the other? Is it even possible to “test” a rule of faith? More to the point, is there any basis for placing one’s faith in the Bible or the Book of Mormon? It’s an important question. It’s an eternal question. This presentation puts the Bible and the Book of Mormon to the same tests. History, archaeology, textual criticism, and other disciplines combine to shed light on what is true…and what is false. Truth never fears investigation. Faith need not–and should not–be blind. Discover for yourself which of these books is worthy of being called “scripture” and which is worthy of your trust

Bible vs Joseph Smith

The Bible vs. Joseph Smith: In this unique documentary, produced entirely in Israel, a Christian and a Mormon sit down to dialogue about one of the most important questions of faith: How do we know if a prophet is speaking the truth? Listen in on their fascinating discussion and follow along as they travel throughout the Holy Land in search of the facts. They will put Biblical prophets and Mormon prophets to the test in order to find out if their predictions actually took place in history. If even one prediction fails to come true, then that prophet fails the test!

Lifitng the Veil001

Lifting the Veil: When Brigham Young led his Mormon followers westward, polygamy was taught as doctrine…not as an option, but as a requirement for exaltation. Joseph Smith had proclaimed it to be an everlasting covenant, a commandment from God Himself. In spite of the modern LDS Church’s prohibition of the practice, tens of thousands of Joseph Smith’s followers across North America continue the practice of plural marriage to this day…out of obedience to the revelations and commandments of a self-proclaimed prophet of God. Today, the mainstream LDS Church seeks to distance itself from its peculiar “fundamentalist” cousins who adhere to the original teachings of Mormonism, including polygamy. Nevertheless, many mainstream Latter-day Saints who seek to follow Joseph Smith more faithfully find themselves moving into Mormon fundamentalism…and plural marriage. So what draws them in? And what keeps them in? And what hope is there for those men, women and children–fundamentalist and mainstream alike–who strive to please God while living under the bondage of an impossible Mormon “gospel”?

Lost Book of Abraham (1)

ON SALE NOW! The Lost Book of Abraham: The Lost Book of Abraham is an award-winning* documentary film that investigates one of the books in the canon of Mormon scripture called the Book of Abraham. The Book of Abraham was first published in 1842 by Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As with the more well known Book of Mormon, Joseph claimed that he received divine inspiration, not in writing a new book of scripture, but instead, in having discovered and translated an existing ancient work. In the case of the Book of Abraham, Smith said that a papyrus scroll which he purchased from a traveling antiquities dealer in Kirtland, Ohio in 1835, was, in actuality, an original text from the patriarchal father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This scroll, according to Joseph’s own words, contained lost writings of Abraham and Joseph claimed to be the “prophet, seer, and revelator” who could decipher it. Joseph Smith did translate the scroll, and he included pictures from the papyrus! Listen as prominent scholars – both Mormon and non-Mormon – explain what these documents really were, and what all this means to the church today. It’s a fascinating story. It’s bound to be a controversial story. But while this documentary succeeds in presenting the story and the facts in an interesting and accurate manner, it will be up to each viewer to draw his or her own conclusions.

What else is available? Need recommendations on what else is available to read on the topic of Mormonism? See which books and DVDs that MRM has recommended (or given thumbs down) by clicking on our Reviews.

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