A Mormon’s Disdain for Evidential Faith

by Sharon Lindbloom 5 March 2018 Latter-day Saint Taylor Christensen recently posted a heartfelt video that begins, “This is not an anti-Mormon video.” Taylor talks about his own journey through so-called anti-Mormon information as he sought to understand why so many people were leaving the Mormon Church. In the process, Taylor discovered difficult truths about … Read more

80+ Awesome Verses to Use in Apologetic Encounters

Have you ever tried to memorize scripture but it was just too hard to remember all the words in a verse? Or have you ever been in a witnessing situation and wanted to use a particular verse–it’s at the tip of your tongue–but you forgot where it was located? (“It’s in the Bible…somewhere.”) Consider learning snippets, which are short 4-6 words explanations of a verse and the reference. Using flashcards to build up your memory verse capability, you can have a variety of verses to use in different situations, equipping you with the ability to better share your faith. Included in this article are 70+ verses used regularly by the author in his coversations with Christians and nonChristians alike.