Will Mormons Worship Heavenly Father Forever?

by Sharon Lindbloom 5 February 2018 An interesting article appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune recently with the intriguing title, “Humans can become like God? Mormons say Orthodox Christians have similar belief — but that’s news to Orthodox Christians.” In this article, Bob Mims presents an overview of both the LDS concept of “deification,” and … Read more

Jeffrey Holland and the Determination of God

By Sharon Lindbloom 11 May 2016 A couple of weeks ago LDS Apostle Jeffrey Holland addressed a Mormon congregation in Tempe, Arizona, telling them “don’t cut and run” when membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gets tough. Mr. Holland assured his listeners that “every promise will be honored…This is the Church … Read more

Do You Really Believe You Can Become a God?

By Eric Johnson and Bill McKeever Whereas Christianity has, throughout the centuries, defined salvation as synonymous with eternal life, Mormonism makes eternal life synonymous with becoming a god. According to sixth President Joseph F. Smith, The object of our earthly existence is that we may have a fulness of joy, and that we may become the sons and … Read more

Does Lorenzo Snow’s famous couplet no longer have a functioning place in LDS theology?

By Bill McKeever  “It is a ‘Mormon’ truism that is current among us and we all accept it, that as man is God once was and as God is man may become.” Apostle Melvin J. Ballard General Conference, April 1921 “From President Snow’s understanding of the teachings of the Prophet on this doctrinal point, he coined … Read more

Becoming Like God

In its fifth essay of a series published on lds.org meant to explain hard teachings, the issues of godhood and new worlds are discussed. “Becoming Like God” was first published on 2/25/2014, with the doctrines of preexistence and exaltation serving as the focal points. We have reprinted this entire article, with our commentary scattered throughout. Can the information in this article be supported by the Bible? Is what is written here corroborated  by other LDS leaders and manuals?


Exaltation. Godhood achieved by complete obedience to all the commandments and complete repentance of sins. Those who are exalted earn the right to etenral life in the celestial kingdom with their families. Those who are exalted will create worlds and populations, receive the worship of those people, and rule as Gods and Goddesses over their creations.

Godhood and Theosis

That mere mortal men have the capacity to eventually become Gods is a doctrine that has been defended by LDS leaders since the early years of the Mormon Church. At the root of this concept is the idea that mankind is the literal offspring of God. Speaking in the Tabernacle on August 8, 1852, Brigham Young stated,

“The Lord created you and me for the purpose of becoming Gods like Himself; when we have been proved in our present capacity, and been faithful with all things He puts into our possession. We are created, we are born for the express purpose of growing up from the low estate of manhood, to become Gods like unto our Father in heaven. That is the truth about it, just as it is” (Journal of Discourses 3:93).