Mormon Rebels and Eternal Punishment

By Sharon Lindbloom 12 February 2016 On February 4, 2016 the Huffington Post published an article by Mormon author and blogger Mette Ivie Harrison: “Do Mormons Believe in Hell?” She writes, “The short answer to this is simple: No.” Ms. Harrison goes on to explain that though the Book of Mormon speaks of Hell, it … Read more

Mormonism 201 (Heaven and Hell): Response to Marc A. Schindler

Response to Marc A. Schindler Rejoinder by By Eric Johnson In his rebuttal’s concluding words, Marc A. Shindler writes: “Not content to treat the LDS as Biblicists by giving every speculative personal LDS commentary the same weight as scripture, McKeever and Johnson go on to draw their own conclusions and present this as if it were LDS … Read more


Hell. Also called Spirit Prison. Mormonism rejects that people go to either heaven or hell. Hugh Brown, a member of the First Presidency, said, “We reject the unscriptural doctrine that there are two places or states of eternal existence -– heaven and hell –- and that all men will go to one or the other” (Conference Reports, April 1965, p. 43). According to Apostle Bruce R.