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Is it OK for a Christian to attend an LDS service?

By Eric Johnson 

Drive by any LDS chapel and you will see this statement emblazoned on a wall near the entrance:  “Visitors Welcome.” Anyone who has ever known a Mormon has been invited to read the Book of Mormon or attend a service. If this is the case, should Christians ever take them up on the offer? Regarding the Book of Mormon, I encourage everyone to read this important LDS scripture and be able to converse on it in an intelligent manner. In fact, I think it’s important for the Christian hoping to be successful in evangelism to know as much as possible about Mormonism and its teachings. Reading articles on the website and in the monthly Ensign magazine (especially the conference editions printed in May and November) can not only provide a better understanding what the “Brethren” are saying but become conversation starters as well. As far as attending an LDS service, why not? The best services to attend would be the “Fast and Testimony” services held on the first Sunday of each month. If invited by an LDS friend or relative, perhaps turn this into an opportunity to have them visit your place of worship. Respond by saying, “Of course I’d love to visit your church (possibly on the first Sunday, which I hear is interesting). Would you also be willing to come see what my church service is all about?” Such an exchange could provide a number of good conversational opportunities for weeks to come.

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