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10 reasons why it makes sense to trust the Bible

By Eric Johnson

1. Archaeology supports many of the people, places, and events from biblical sources.

2. History supports many of the people and events from biblical sources.

3.  Dead Sea Scroll manuscript discoveries beginning in 1947 show us accuracy of the Old Testament.

4.  Close to 6,000 Greek manuscripts show us the accuracy of the New Testament.

5.  The fulfillment of so many biblical prophecies.

6.  Despite having 40 different authors, the same story is told throughout.

7.  The early Christians felt the preservation of the Bible was important from early on.

8.  Discrepancies between different passages have been able to be explained.

9.  The extreme care taken by compilers over the years verify its preservation.

10. The words from this book have changed the lives of millions of people.

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