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A Revelation from God? Refraining from using “LDS,” “Mormon” demanded by Nelson

At the October 2018 General Conference, Russell M. Nelson–the current president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints–explained the reasons why he believes using nicknames and abbreviations for his church and followers are inappropriate. He claims to have been told this directly by God. And by so doing, he has made it next to impossible to reference this church without making a truth claim. MRM’s Eric Johnson takes a closer look at Nelson’s edict and explains if Mormonism Research Ministry will have to change its name. Click here.

The Boasts of Joseph

The founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, once said that “the followers of Jesus ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet.” He along with other prominent LDS leaders have made a number of additional claims that border on the blasphemous. Were these claims really made? Or are Smith’s enemies making these things up. Read this article here.

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Why do some Mormons become atheists?

The question as to why some Mormons become atheist is being asked as many Latter-day Saints are leaving their church. But just because Mormonism isn’t true does not mean that God doesn’t exist, that Jesus didn’t come to save His people from their sins, and that there is no such a thing as ultimate truth. Click here.

10 LDS Hymns that should be deleted in the next Mormon hymnbook

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced in June 2018 that the church hymnbook will be revised in the next few years. Among other things, the church claims the revision will “fill doctrinal gaps.” And church members are being asked to provide feedback for suggested changes. If this church really wants to say it is “Christian,” as it does on different LDS websites, then MRM’s Eric Johnson lists 10 hymns in the current hymnbook that ought to be eliminated. Click here.

Sharing The Good News with Mormons Official Website

Sharing the Good News with Mormons officially released with Harvest House Publishers in June 2018. This official website is housed by MRM and contains a number of helpful tools, including bonus chapters, helpful links, and more! We invite you to get the book and have this site as an additional resource. Click here.

Does John Newton’s Amazing Grace belong in the LDS Church hymnal?

This 6-minute YouTube video explains why the answer is “absolutely not”! Click here.

Take the Mormonism IQ test!

How high is your understanding of Mormonism, including its history and doctrines? See how well you do on this 11-question quiz! Click here.

How important is the Trinity in Christianity?trinity

To that question, we believe that accepting the Trinity is a cornerstone of the biblical Christian church. Unfortunately, Mormonism’s leaders have not only denied this belief but even mocked it. So just what is the Trinity? Is the teaching even understandable? Check out our new page that offers articles, YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts. If the Trinity is true, it needs to be defended by the Christian who has questioning friends and neighbors. Click here to see what’s available.

Which painting of Joseph Smith translating the gold plates should you trust?

Two church art paintings of Joseph Smith translating the gold plates, two different issues of the Ensign magazine. Both have an agenda. Which one should you trust? Why has the church changed its mind about what it wants the membership to believer?  Click here.

The Gospel Topics Essays–Introduction and Links

In an attempt to deal with several vital historical issues propagated by the LDS Church throughout the years, the Mormon Church has been producing essays since late 2013 under its “Gospel Topics” section of its website, attempting to reconcile the facts with what had been taught by earlier leaders and church manuals. To see these links to the LDS Church website along with MRM’s responses, click here.

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