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MRM Calendar

NO events planned for the rest of 2020. Please check back at the beginning of the year.

If your church would possibly like to have representatives from MRM speak at your church, please contact us at eric at mrm dot org

We have several presentations that could fill your church’s needs, including:

  • A two-hour “how to” session on how to share your faith with a Latter-day Saint (utilizing the 2018 book Sharing the Good News with Mormons)
  • A 90-minute presentation involving an overview of Mormonism
  • A 90-minute presentation on the Mormon temple (especially good for a church located near a Mormon temple)
  • A 4-hour “Symposium on Mormonism” that could take place over 2 consecutive weekday nights or a Saturday morning.

Information on the Symposiums

The Symposiums are team-taught by MRM’s Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson. The four hours goes quickly, and we’ll provide breaks every hour. Each person/ couple will receive a complimentary set of notes to follow along with in our PowerPoint presentation, which emphasizes quotes from LDS scriptures and leaders. The church will provide snacks, including morning drinks and pastries. A book table will be available. Even if you cannot come for the entire time, we welcome you to participate in whatever time you can. This four-hour format has been proven to be the best way to give out the information we have for you.

  • Symposium 1: Covers Introduction to Mormonism, Book of Mormon, Godhead, Salvation
  • Symposium 2: Deals mainly with different aspects of the Plan of Salvation as well as the Book of Abraham

More info?

  • MRM Promo Video (11:33)
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  • To schedule your own church symposium, please contact Eric Johnson (eric at mrm dot org).
  • Listen to a special Viewpoint on Mormonism broadcast of “What is a Saturday Symposium on Mormonism” that originally aired on July 21, 2014.