LDS Newsroom Video Features Temple Garments

The following was originally printed in the January/February 2015 edition of Mormonism Researched. To request a free subscription, please visit here.  Among the many unique aspects of the LDS faith, the peculiarity of the Mormon temple garment has attracted a lot of curiosity as well as ridicule among non LDS members. Known in Mormon circles as the … Read more

The Protective Garments of the Holy Priesthood

Do temple garments offer protection to the wearer?

Joanna Brooks, a Mormon writing for Religion Dispatches, an online magazine, bemoaned “Bill Maher’s
Issues with Mormon Underwear” made by the irreverent comedian on the David Letterman show
([Religious Dispatches, April 27, 2011](’s_issues_with_mormon_underwear)). The topic turned to Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney
and, according to Ms. Brooks, went like this:

> “Don’t get me started on Mitt Romney,” Maher sneered to Letterman. ”Because Mitt Romney will teach
America what’s really in Mormonism.”

> “Mitt likes to gloss over… ‘well, we’re just different types of Christians.’ No. No, I was raised Catholic,”
Maher leaned in and raised an eyebrow, setting up for his big punchline: ”And there was no magic

> “Big laughs from the crowd at CBS studios. Right on cue.

> “Magic underwear?”

Brooks responds,

> “It’s no secret that highly observant LDS people wear sacred undergarments as an
expression of religious commitment. But magic underwear? Please.”

I can understand Ms. Brooks being upset with an obviously insensitive comment meant to mock
something Mormons feel is a part of their personal religious belief, but sadly, her defensive approach
only gave her critics another reason to be suspicious of how Mormons portray their faith.