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Comments from attenders at our Compassionate Boldness Symposium

Comments from attenders at our Compassionate Boldness Symposium

Over the past few years, we have had a number of comments recommending our Compassionate Boldness Symposium. Here are just a few comments we received on cards handed back to us (some were given to us with no names):


“My daughter and grandchildren are LDS and I’ve never known how to approach them. Mabye I still won’t but you’ve really given me resources if I can work up my courage. This was a morning well spent.” VA

“Great introduction to Mormonism revealing many things I was not aware of before. Really eye-opening. The notes were great so we did not have to write a lot down.” Buena Vista, VA (Everyone who attends will receive a copy of the notes shown in our PowerPoint presentation.)

“I have enjoyed the seesion in regard to better equipping the Christian in engaging conversation. That gives us info we can use to build the kingdom of God. Thank you for your labor(s) for Christ!” Mike, Buena Vista, VA

“Loving this!” Tami, Buena Vista, VA

“Thank you for a wealth of information!” Fay, Norfolk, VA

“Wow! I learned so much! We have several Mormon friends and I hope to use what I’ve learned to witness to them. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.” Carrie, Norfolk, VA

“Very insightful and thorough information.” Mary, Virginia Beach, VA

“I am so glad I came. . . This helps me to understand where they (the Mormons) are coming from.” Jeneta, Virginia Beach, VA

“The symposium was extremely informative and instructive. It taught us how to share much more effectiely with our Mormon family members. Please keep up the great work!” Becky, Virginia Beach, VA

“Come back soon!” Will, Virginia Beach, VA

“The presentation was excellent! I had read some info about Mormonism but learned so much more here. Thank you for coming and speaking here. Continue your great work.” Priscilla, Virginia Beach, VA

“Very epic.” Michael, Virginia Beach, VA

“Thanks for the notes! Very informative and a real blessing. Good presentation.” Judy, Portsmouth, VA

“This symposium is very timely.” John, Portsmouth, VA

“The handouts with all the quotes were very helpful!. . . Thanks for a great symposium.” Kyle, Richmond, VA


“Thank you for your heart for the Lord.” Trena, Filer, ID

“Wow!!! I have been wanting to learn this and about the Mormon faith. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to share the good news.” Marisa, Buhl, ID

“Wow!!! I didn’t kow much about LDS. My step-dad is a non-practicing Momron and would never talk about it. Love the whole presentation. You are in my prayers. God bless you and your families.” Sherrise, Buhl, ID

“Wonderful. Compassionate. Informative. Inspiring! Notes were very helpful with the slides.” Kathryn, Buhl, ID


“Very interesting and educational. Thank you for sharing this information with us and coming to our community.” Bonnie, Glendive, MT

“Excellent presentation. Much to think about regarding these issues.” Terry, Glendive, MT

“Very interesting. I learned a lot I did not know. I will follow up on the Internet using your website.” Bonnie, Glendive, MT

“Thank you for all you are doing! I feel equipped to speak more than ever to Mormons.” Yvonne, Glendive, MT

“Very helpful. I learned a lot of new information and can differentiate Mormonism from other religions, especially Jehovah’s Witnesses. I hope I can use it to witness to Mormons I meet in the future.” Meldoy, Sidney, MT

“Your explanation of justification was very clear. I thank the Lord often for giving me His righteousness. I feel that there are many people who do not understand this wonderful unspeakable gift even in Christian settings.” Ruth


“I really enjoyed this symposium I’d like to do it again!”Tim, Gardnerville, NV

“So enjoyed your wonderful knowledgeable presentation on Mormonism and how to have a good conversation with Mormons.” Judy, Gardnerville, NV

“I’m so glad I came. Thanks!” John, Boulder City, NV

“Fantastic teaching. I will be praying for you.” Robert, Boulder City, NV

“Good use of slides. It was enjoyable to have the “switching” presenters. Both spoke clearly and have a good stage presence. Good use of examples.”

“I thought this was very informative. Thank you for giving me verses I can use.”

“Thanks for all the condensed citations and references in your handout. Great information–God’s continued blessings on the MRM ministry!” David, Henderson, NV

“Very informative. Thank you for showing me the light. God bless you!” Linda, Henderson, NV

“A lot of information to help Christians. Lots of preparation done.” Javier, Las Vegas, NV

“You guys are great. Needs to be longer.” Heather, Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you for your ministry and teaching. My heart is broken for my Mormon friends and neighbors who need truth. I pray for boldness to start the conversation with them. Thank you for the resources to do so with grace and respect.” Lisa, Las Vegas, NV

“Very instructional, well done.” Cesar, Las Vegas, NV

“Awesome information. Thanks for all you are doing.” P, Las Vegas, NV

“I really enjoyed the teachings and feel more educated in talking to Mormons about true Christianity. Thank you.” Holly, Las Vegas, NV


“You gave a very solid foundation for the Truth of the Gospel. . . Good balance of complex ideas and accessible, easy to remember evidence. God bless your ministry!” Jessica, Alamo, TX

“Thank you for your thorough and honest research to help our brothers.” Joshua, Alamo, TX

“Easy to follow, great for someone who is just now beginning to learn and understand Mormonsim.” Ryan, Alamo, TX

Arizona (Feb/Mar 2016 trip)

“Last segment is incredible. Well done.” Joyce, Surprise, AZ

“Thank you so much for coming and sharing this information with us. It was insightful, useful, and I look forward to reading these books to learn about how I can better be prepared to answer our Mormon neighbors.” Jill

“As an exMormon, I found your presentation informative. I still have family in the LDS. That I would love to see them set free and saved.” Duane, Sun City, AZ

“Great, concise, thought provoking. Wonderful information. Thank you so much.” Merle and Bev, Litchfield Park, AZ

“Excellent job. I learned a lot and feel armed for battle. Thank you!”—Brian, Buckeye, AZ

“Very informative and helpful. Thank you very much! There are LDS members in my family, and this information is extremely useful.”

“I loved all the content! Very helpful for my knowledge in Mormonism. Thanks you for taking time out of your schedule and meet with us.”—Lindsey, Queen Creek, AZ

“Excellent content compressed into 4 hours! Clear presentation.”—Joe, Mesa, AZ

“Wonderful. Informative. So needed in these times. All done out of and for love! God bless all of you as we thank Him for you!”

“Very well done and very powerful.”–Dale, Eloy, AZ

“This was wonderful. Thanks so much for your time and effect–May God bless your ministry.”–Frank and Lavon

“Excellent! Very informative and helpful.”

“Loved the teaching, the fellowship, and the whole experience has equipped me for better sharing my faith with Mormons.”


“Very, very, very valuable.” Stephen, Rangely, CO

“Thank you for sharing your kind approach. . . ” Ray, Rangely, CO

“Thank you for opening my eyes as to waht the Mormon religion really teaches. I had no idea what a hopeless religion it is.” Vicky, Rangely, CO

“Eye-opening, informative, lots of new info I NEEDED to feel like I have some tools to even begin a conversation that’s always intimiating and out of reach to me. Thank you for these strategies and facts, which are useable and tangible!” Heather, Rangely, CO


“Thank you so much for taking the time to do these conferenes. I have learned so much! Kelle, Liberty Lake, WA

“Very good. Cleraly presented. Appreciated emphasis on knowing God.” Joe, Kennewick, WA

“What a blessing to us–you came! Very helpful! I have more confidence in sharing with my neighbors and hair dresser! I don’t feel as intimidated by their beliefs and have much more compassion for them! Thank you so much for your ministry!” Eddie and Cami, Pasco, WA

“Thank you so much for presenting this for us. I am encouraged to study more about what I believe in order to share the real good news with my Mormon neighbors.” Brad, Kennewick, WA

“Awesome presentation! I like how the notes follow right along with your presentation. Four hours went by so quickly! Thank you.” Jenny, Lynden, WA

“Well done!! The basics (and more) of LDS beliefs brought out, and many Christians and other don’t know them but should! I am an ex-Mormon and have attended several of these workshops and learned a lot today.” Vicky, Pasco, WA


“Great job! Being somewhat new to the subject, this was a very good session. Blessing to you!” Les, Aplington, IA


“This symposium is excellent. I feel that I now understand a lot more about what my LDS neighbors believe. I also feel encouraged and equipped to discuss spiritual matters with my LDS friends. I feel compassino for them. I’ll recommend this symposium to my Christian friends.” Cathy, Orem, UT

“I was Mormon and have children who are. I don’t want them to fall spiritually but to be properly alligned with the truth. I feel what you present will eventually allow me to help them get there.” Mike, Provo, UT

“Very interesting and informative! I really appreciate the approach you use: citing Mormon scriptures and other writings to help them think about what they believe. I also appreciate the humility you approach these issues with. These are real people who have been led astary.” Naomi, West Jordan, UT

“Very informative and well presented! After all the info, a Q&A session is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Matthew, Odgen, UT

“Very informative and helpful as to positively helping me to share the word. Thank you.” Diane, Herriman, UT

“Thank yu for sharing yur insight about Mormonism. The information was challenging, informative, overwhelming, but necessary.”

“I get your newsletter already, but coming here helped me even more to talk to my Mormon friends and neighbors.” Robert, Salt Lake City, UT

“Loved it! Great information. Thank you for sharing in a bold yet compassionate way!” Kim, St. George, UT

“Excellent. Well presented and very challenging.” Pat

“Great to have use of your extensive research.”

“Thank you for your clear and concise teaching.”

“Awesome!! You are excellent speakers. I appreciate how you kept it moving. It really made the time go fast! I wish my Mormon relatives would listen to you!! I came out of Mormonism in 1990. What a miracle! If that can happen for me, it can happen for many, many more!” Merlene, St. George, UT

“Very informative and I’m really glad I attended today. Thank you for bringing to light many things that I can use. And for the many hous you have spent for us to be equipped.” Cara, St. George, UT

“Thank you. Very informative adn helpful in understanding more about the religon we live among and how to share with them.” Sheila, St. George, UT

“Liked the pages of notes so we could concentrate on what was being said!! Made me more aware about how important it is to “know” what and why I believe what I do. Also, I learned what LDS terminology is.” Ralph, St. George, UT

“This was very informative and useful. I pray that I am more equipped to talk about my faith. . .” Mark, St. George, UT

“Loved your presentation and the kind spirit in which it was given. Thank you!” Shelley, St. George, UT

“Great information! Excellent presentatin. Your concern and compassion for LDS people were very evident. Thank you for sharing your time, research, and experiences with us.” Joe, St. George, UT

“I am very convicted about my own approach to Mormons.” John, Washington, UT

“Bill and Eric were excellent in their presentation. I now have a much better understanding of what and why they live, and the differences between what they believe versus Christians.” Marcie, Washington, UT

“Awesome amount of information. It has not only helped me to distinguish from what my former LDS beliefs were and my current developing beliefs in Jesus and his grace, but given many tools I have not thought to use in my conversations and relationships with family and friends who continue to ask why I no longer believe the LDS doctrine.” Bill, Hurricane, UT

“Lovingly and thoughtfully presented. I would recommend this symposium to anyone interested in this topic.” Paul, Ivins, UT

“Remarkable information. The notes were priceless for future reference.” Mark, Ivins, UT

“I would love to hear more about future conferences that you will have. Thank you for blessing us today. We will continue to pray for this ministry and the amazing work you are doing.” Cara, St. George, UT

“Thank you for obeying God’s command to speak things He has commanded you to teach! I am very encouraged and can’t wait to get into a discussion now! I am not afraid to talk to a Mormon!” Destiny, Springville, UT

“Great job, guys! Very concise and to the point.”

“The handout pages with notes was great to have. Easy to follow and great to have as future references.” Ken, Magna, UT

“This is a very good resource for Christians living in Utah.”

“Very informative. A different angel to approaching Mormonism than I’m used to. As a former Mormon, I found this information very useful to witness to family and friends.” David

“The information provided in the symposium was perfectly revelent to approaching LDS members in a compassionate and bold manner. I really enjoyed the presentation and gained a lot from it.” Chris

“I enjoyed your symposium tremendously! I learned a lot of helpful info that I can use to share the Truth with my friends. Bless you and thank you” Caisha

“Fascinating!! I’m very glad I came.”

“Loved it! Got lots of great info!” Sarah, Springville, UT

“Thank you! There is a lot to be learned here today. I appreciate the time you have spent with us teaching. This is very helpful in meeting with Mormon people in our daily lives. God bless you and the time you’ve spent teaching us.” Herriman, UT

“Thank you. This was excellent to help us understand our neighbors.” Davy, Draper, UT

“Very informative and thorough reserach! Will utilize your website and resources to share with my Mormon friends of 32 years activity in the LDS Church. Thank you!” Evie, Salt Lake City, UT

“I enjoyed it. The information was very good. I enjoy how you use LDS scriptures and JST to make your points. I hope to use your info and resources to witness to co-workers and other Mormons I know. Pray that we win hearts for Christ.” Harry, West Jordan, UT

“Absolutely loved the presentation!” Douglas, Riverton, UT

“Very enlightening. Great information to help witness to family and coworkers the differences between Christianity and Mormonism.” Connie, South Jordan, UT

“Thanks for taking time in teacing us. It was very informative. God bless your ministry. We will keep you in our prayers.” Tommy

“You guys are doing an amazing thing by educating Christians becasue too many people just sit back and take the high road with the LDS.” Christina, Springville, UT

“I appreciate the informatin you give. You make it easier to understand how and what the LDS believe. It’s nice to be able to use LDS “official” language and addresses from their own books. Thank you for what you do!” Stephanie

“I always enjoy your symposiums. It is always full of facts.” David

“Thank you so much for your faithfulness! We enjoyed your presentation.” Jamie and Laura, American Fork, UT

“Thank you for reaffirming that my leaving the LDS Church over four years ago was the right thing to do. I continue to give praise to our one true God for opening my eyes to the lies that I lived for 37 years, and for coming to earth to die and pay for my sins.” Teresa, Riverton, UT

“What an awesome experience. Thank you for putting this together.” David, South Jordan, UT

“I found it to be very interesting and fair.” Philip, Clearfield, UT

“Thank you gentlemen for your thoroughness. You bless us! The education and research always astounds me!” K, Magna, UT

“I very much enjoyed your teaching. Thank you for your enlightenment of the beliefs of Mormons.”

“I really enjoyed this symposium. Most helpful and relative info. to witness to Mormons. The last part especially was helpful. Thanks.”

“It was fantastic! Well presented and full of useful information.” Spencer, Clinton, UT

“The way that it is taught is great by using the Mormons’ own text. It has taught me use their own words to ask questions.” Anna, West Jordan, UT

“Excellent! Thought provoking and illuminative. Good stuff with lots of tangible verses, references, and great resource table.” Jay, Erda, UT

“The topics discussed today were really good because they are simple to the point topices. We enjoyed this very much. Thank you!” Todd, Riverton, UT

“Eye opening.” Kay, American Fork, UT

“Very good information. Both men are very well informed about the topic at which they were speaking. Thank you so much.” Ruth, Kearns, UT

“It has been very helpful. It sickens me to learn what we didn’t know.” Ron, Orem, UT

“Challenging, succinct, thoughtful, God-centered, passionate, biblical, spirit of honesty and no malice, organized, heartfelt, spirit-filled.” R&K, Pleasant Grove, UT

“I like how the information that is used to witness to a Mormon is found in their own Standard Works, and their history books by their own founder, his mother, and his associates. I like how you put these sources of information together to make the truth so clear for the blind to be able to see the truth!” Paul, Orem, UT

“I love it.
A big question I needed answered was. Thank you.” David

“Very good! Learned so much. We are new to Utah and had many questions regarding Mormonism. Switching speakers was helpful in keeping our attention.” Jack, Eden, UT

“Presented very well and loaded with important information.” David, Clearfiled, UT

“Thank you so much. Very imformative. I have been in Utah my whole life. Seen Mormonism my whole life. You have given me some tools to share my faith without offending. Thank you again.” Bart, Ogden, UT

“You are so passionate and knowledgable that it’s a real joy to listen to you both anywhere I can, whenever I can. And sincere! I forgot sincere.” Kellie, North Ogden, UT

“Thank you for all of the things you talked about. I was raised in the LDS religion. . . I realized that some of my beliefs are still Mormon beliefs and I see that they are wrong. Thank you!” Mr. Baker, Ogden, UT

“Excellent program! very grateful to Bill and Eric.” Harry, Tooele, UT

“Lived here my whole life and although a transplant, this was so good for me to see what their translation states and using that in sharing with my LDS friends.” Donna, Clinton, UT

“Excellent–much needed. We learned so much! Presented in love.” Adrian and Sandy, Woods Cross, UT

“Was helpful, enlightening, and useful. Thank you very much.” Michael, Layton, UT

“Thank you for your time and the great information.”

“Very educational and great tools were provided to help us talk with the LDS people. Thank you.” Douglass, Kaysville, UT

“Turly interesting and engaging.” Pam, Clinton, UT

“Very interesting and helpful. This answered some questions I had. I learned more about Mormon history I didn’t know.” Tricia, Layton, UT

“Very informative symposium. I came expecting to stay 1-2 hours but couldn’t leave. I have been in Utah for 33 years, but I learned so much when I thought I knew so much.” Ruth, Layton, UT

“Very instructive. This seminar will help me be better at working and teaching others about the gospel of Christ.” Al, Salt Lake City, UT

“Wow…very informative, I always get taken through rabbit holes with Mormons. This will keep me on track and stay on the subject. Had a faithful Latter-day Saint come with me and they appreciated your respect. Thanks so much for your work.” Jayci, Brigham City, UT

“It was very instructive and informative. I wish all churches could be this informed.” David, Clearfield, UT

“Very informative–thank you for the helpful handouts. Having just moved here from another state, I found the symposium very helpful in introducing me to a religion I know nothing about.” Alicia, Salt Lake City, UT

“Loved all MRM’s information. Have followed your ministry for years.” Susanne, Brigham City, UT

“Very informative. I like how you educate on their beliefs and quotes of their leaders. I am glad it wasn’t “If they say this then you should say that.” Thank you for coming and sharing with us.”

“God’s truth is always good. I think it gave me a greater compassion for my culture. It also brought back some old thinking that needed to be clarified with God’s truth. We thank you for your time and commitment.” –Angela, Santaquin, UT

“I appreciate the emphasis on boldness, not divorced from compassion. Thank you for tools and wisdom while witnessing.”Justin, Clinton, UT

“I have picked up an immense amount of info. Took notes to keep remembering and I thank you.” Ammette. Provo, UT

“Quite enjoyed this, it was encouraging. Thank you so much!” Colin, Provo, UT

“How can I get my mind to hold all of this information? I pray Lord please plug the drain in the bottom of my brain! This was awesome!” Denise, Springville, UT




Hear what more than 100 pastors had to say about MRM and the symposium.

Bill and Eric have presented dozens of 4-hour “Compassionate Boldness” symposiums over the past decade in several different states. If you’d like to schedule a symposium or even a weekend event at your church, contact us ([email protected]). Besides speaking locally throughout Utah, they plan to go to the South (Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia) in May 2015. If your church is there and you want to be included, contact us! And for this fall’s weekend symposium events throughout the state of Utah, go here.


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