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Hear what more than 100 attenders had to say about MRM and our “Compassionate Boldness Symposium”

Dr. Gary Coombs – Missions Pastor for Shadow Mountain Community Church, El Cajon, CA — “On behalf of the pastoral staff and congregation of Shadow Mountain Community Church, I would like to recommend to you Bill McKeever, along with his ministry with Mormonism Research Ministry. We consider Bill to be very sound in his doctrine and thorough in his teaching. His passion for ministry has helped and inspired many in our church.”

Pastor Terry Long, Calvary Chapel Salt Lake (UT) — “I would highly recommend Mormonism Research Ministry. I find Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson very knowl-edgeable on the issues we face with the Mormon Church. Their Compassionate Boldness Conference was well attended here in Salt Lake City and everyone was blessed and educated on the issues. I am certain that MRM would be a huge blessing to any church that chooses to work with Bill and Eric. If I can be of any assistance don’t hesitate to call me.”

Pastor David D. Stolarski – Provo Bible Church, Provo, UT — Wanted to drop a note to express our real gratitude for the Friday and Saturday you spent with Provo Bible Church. The church is still buzzing about the discussions we had on the opening of the Downtown Provo Temple and the “Compassionate Boldness” symposium we held the next morning. The common response is how much they learned about the beliefs of their LDS neighbors. For instance, this comment, “I was talking with a friend at work and I could actually understand what he was saying about his beliefs as a Mormon. I’ve always struggled with that. One of the best opportunities to share that I’ve had in a while.” All-in-all a real blessing. Our guys are talking about having you back for the 2nd symposium sometime later this year. It was a tremendous blessing to have you come. Outstanding materials, very helpful. Looking forward to the next opportunity to have Mormonism Research Ministry at our church.

Pastor Mark Gomez Calvary Chapel Wasatch Front (UT) — “Over the years I have worked with, and dealt with, many different people and ministries that seek to address the issues connected with the Latter-day Saint religion. Often these ministers and ministries tend to be combative or lack integrity in their research, work, and manner of treating people with respect. Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson of Mormonism Research Ministry are both men of integrity who demonstrate grace and kindness while being honest and forthright about the truth of the Mormon religion. I would recommend Bill and Eric to anyone wanting to inform their congregation or organization about the truth of Mormon claims as a religion. They will not disappoint anyone with what they have to present. Further, their materials and their radio broadcasts are also worth the time to read or listen to on a daily basis.”

Pastor Dale Borgen – New Song Christian Church, Folsom, CA — “I just wanted to say thank you for joining us Sunday to talk about Mormonism. I really appreciated your positive presentation and obvious heart for the Mormon people. I have heard a lot of great feedback from the people who attended. If you are ever going to be  in the area again, please let me know. We would love to have you join us again!”

Pastor Bill Luebkemann – Calvary Chapel of Marlton, NJ —“We were privileged to have Eric Johnson from Mormonism Research Ministry speak at our Sunday service . . . . The presentation was excellent. It was an engaging and informative look at what Mormonism is all about. Good use was made of PowerPoint and it held everyone’s attention well. We learned a lot about Mormonism and are now better equipped to share our faith with Mormons. . . . I highly recommend Eric Johnson as a speaker in your church. Don’t hesitate to have him visit, as you will not be disappointed”

Pastor John E. Sutherland –  Calvary Chapel Spring Creek  (NV) — “We recently had a three-day event on Mormonism. Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson from MRM are an extraordinary couple of men. I personally do not think there is anyone in the USA that I am aware of that can compete with their degree of knowledge on Mormonism.  They’re congenial, friendly, and both excellent speakers. . . .  They were the consummate professionals, so very professional. Everything they say they support with scripture. . . .  You cannot go wrong with these guys.”

Pastor Samuel G. Norris – Stone Ridge Church, Yuma, AZ — “My heart is filled with joy because of the teaching you provided for us Sunday evening. Our city is in a critical need for the truth about Mormonism. My hope and prayer is that many people will be spared from conversion to the Mormon sect and others will be delivered from their current involvement. Thank you for being balanced, biblical, and interesting. I would heartily recommend your ministry to other churches.”

Pastor Jason King, Calvary Chapel Boulder City, (NV) — “MRM was highly recommended to me by another pastor who had brought them in to share their Compassion-ate Boldness seminar. I brought them in, too, and it was well worth it. Many people in our body were blown away with the kind of in-depth information that was shared. But what also struck me was truly the compassion with which it was shared throughout the seminar. A couple other local pastors also came and were blessed that they did. We have since begun using Bill and Eric’s newest book as a study tool in our weekly youth group meetings to help educate our teens on what many of their classmates are being taught in their wards. We have also been blessed by their newsletter and other materials. I look forward to bringing MRM back again later this year.”

Pastor Greg Ishmael – Central Christian Church, Snohomish, WA — “I continue to hear back, even as recently as yesterday, from people who had the opportunity to hear you either during the semniar Saturday or your message on Sunday. Their comments are ones that reflect the great need in the people’s lives to understand how they can lovingly minister to those who have been led astray from the Truth. I’m amazed at how our people have taken what you said and began to apply it in their lives and relationships. Your seminar and message has definitely helped us to equip them for the task of walking in the world and in being a shining light for the Gospel and cause of Christ. The body of believers has undeniably been blessed by your love for the Mormon people, your commitment to study the Word of God, and your capturing presentations; that refuse to condemn, but instead, brought a caring message of hope.”

Pastor Rick Nerud – Calvary Chapel St. George (UT) — “The greatest reason I have invited Bill and Eric to minister at our church is because they love the people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “LDS people.” So much so, that they have studied and know the doc-trine of the LDS church better than most LDS people and leaders. They come and share this knowledge, cou-pled with a tremendous knowledge of the Bible and are able to show the errors and contradictions of LDS doc-trine when compared to the truth of the Word of God. They truly equip people with the tools to share the truth with LDS people with compassion but with boldness.”

Community Pastor Jon Warren – Hoffmantown Church, Albuquerque, NM — “Wow! Awesome! Incredible! Those are the words that I think best describe what happened here at Hoffmantown Church last weekend! We never suspected that we had that many people in our church with such a strong interest in Mormonism. It was an unbelievable sight to see us move from a room that held seventy people to the church auditorium! We ended up with 888 people attending the seminar… Bill, you did an outstanding job communicating the truth of Christianity and exposing the error of Mormonism. Our people loved having you here. Over and over again people have told me how much they enjoyed your teaching. Your vast wealth of knowledge, your gifted teaching, and the tenderness of your heart toward God and toward the Mormon people is a super combination. You didn’t just fill our heads with knowledge; you filled our hearts with compassion! May God’s richest blessings be upon you as you continue to declare truth!”

Pastor Andrew Noch – New Hope Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA — “I want to thank you for your excellent presentation at our adult Sunday School class and the main worship service. The presentations are purely evangelical and focus on the inerrancy of God’s word to overcome error. I was also pleased to see that you critiqued Mormonism, not once did you criticize or attack Mormons.”

Pastor Steve Bush – Bible Baptist Church, Cottage Hills, IL — “To be honest, I was a little leery of having another `cult expert’ come and share with us. Some of the speakers we have had in the past in this area showed impressive apologetic skill, but did not leave behind a sweet fragrance of Christ. Therefore I only scheduled Bill McKeever for one service, in order to get an idea of his style. My reservations quickly melted away as we observed a man who is ready to make a solid defense of the true gospel, yet with gentleness and reverence. Bill McKeever will be back with us soon.”

Pastor Ken Ortize – Calvary Chapel Spokane (WA) — “Bill McKeever’s presentation of the beliefs and practices of Mormonism is the best I have ever heard. I thought I have a good understanding of what the Mormon Church taught, until Bill made his presentation. His research goes right to the heart of Mormon doctrine. Not only was it informative, but it was done with a spirit of love and concern for those entrapped in the deceptions of Mormonism. As a result, many of our people are encouraged and motivated in their desire to minister God’s grace to their Mormon friends, family, and neighbors.”

Pastor Bill Fortner – First Baptist Church of Kirkland (WA) — “I want to express my appreciation to you for being with us Sunday evening. It was evident God used your challenge to us concerning our Mormon friends. Hearts were stirred and you were a blessing to each one in attendance. We praise the Lord for the burden He has placed upon your heart. The Lord has burdened many of us to reach ourt Mormon friends and your being with us has helped us be a little better prepared.”

Dr. Russ Cox – New Hope Community Church, Bonita, CA — “Thank you so much for sharing with us on Sunday regarding Mormonism. I can’t tell you how many people have written me regarding your presentation. God certainly used you in a powerful way to open our people’s eyes to the deception of Mormonism.”

Pastor Kelly Hilderbrand – Hope Chapel, Honolulu, HI — “Thank you so much for sharing with us this past Sunday. I know that peoples’ eyes were opened to the deception of Mormonism. Please let us know when you will be in town again.”

Pastor Craig Carter – Mesa First Assembly of God, Mesa, AZ — “I highly recommend the ministry of Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry. Bill’s presentation of material concerning the Mormon Church is one of the finest. He handles the topic with wisdom and care. He does not negatively ‘blast’ the Mormon Church, but presents inconsistencies in their own material. Bill also takes time to explain why the Mormon Church does not qualify as a Christian church. You will find Bill McKeever to be a man of integrity that will conduct his presentation in such a was as to inform and challenge the Body of Christ.”

Pastor Stephen Orman – Warner Avenue Baptist Church, Huntington Beach, CA — “Thank you for the fine presentation last Sunday night at our church. The “Crash Course on Mormonism” was presented in an excellent form and well received by all. Many noted that they had friends, neighbors, or co-workers who were Mormons. What you shared will be especially valuable for each of them. Bill, I especially want to comment that your presentation came across in a very loving spirit. Your sincerity in this made everything you said to be more effective. Thank you again for coming and sharing with us and we look forward to more opportunities in the future.”

Pastor Dave Riley – Calvary Chapel La Mesa (CA) — “Thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge of the cult of Mormonism with us. It really opened our eyes to the deception of this religion and its snare to so many people around us. It was encouraging to have you show us specific doctrines that are false and how we can use the Bible to help them understand their mistake. Many of us have family and friends involved in Mormonism and find it very frustrating to witness to them. Your talks have definitely encouraged us to continue to be bold in our witness to them”

Pastor Daniel Mercaldo – Gateway Cathedral, Staten Island, NY — “Thank you for a wonderful evening of ministry at our church last Sunday night. I know from the response that came that we would like to have you back again. I’m looking forward for a weekend of apologetics and training in outreach to Mormons and those affected by their ministries.”

Pastor Ken Meilahn – Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Santee, CA — “It was good to have you here last Sunday. Your presentation was clear and to the point. I’m sure that our people benefited from the documented evidence you gave to demonstrate that Mormon teaching is in conflict with the Word of God.”

Pastor Mike Gordon – First Assembly of God, Safford, AZ — “I would like to recommend the ministry of Bill McKeever to anyone who has an interest in educating other Christians regarding the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even though I have studied the subject on my own I still learned things during the one day symposium that gave me new ideas on how to defend my beliefs and witness to the Mormons of my community.”

Pastor Brian Bell – Calvary Chapel, Murietta, CA — “Thanks so much for the info! God bless you and your ministry. We would love to have you out again.”

Dr. Robert L. Hawkins – First Baptist Church, Montgomery, MO — “Thank you for bringing the message on Mormonism yesterday. Your message was very appropriate and helpful. There have been several comments – all positive – about your presentation. May God’s blessings continue on you as you seek to lead those in darkness into the blessed light of Christ with His hope and peace.”

Chris Olson – Horizon Bible Institute, San Diego, CA — “Thank you so much for teaching in the cults class at HBI. The students that I have spoken with enjoyed the class tremendously. The teaching, they said, was very thorough and you were very prepared and knowledgeable. The one thing that everyone seemed to agree on was your love and concern for the lost. You weren’t just out to win an argument. May God continue to bless your ministry.”

Pastor Phil Harris – New Hope Church, San Diego, CA — “Thanks for doing such an awesome job! Bless you and your ministry. You are a resource for our body.”

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