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Endorsements for Introducing Christianity to Mormons

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Here are some endorsements for the new book Introducing Christianity to Mormons.

“Introducing Christianity to Mormons is a unique book. Eric has studied and taught Christian beliefs for years, and so he captures the heart of core doctrines with clarity. And yet he has spent his life studying the LDS Church and engaging Mormons, so he presents Christian beliefs in a respectful and understandable fashion. This is the first book I will now recommend for those with an LDS background that want to understand Christian teachings.”

Sean McDowell, Ph.D., Biola University Professor

Coauthor of Evidence that Demands a Verdict and More Than a Carpenter

“With every passing year, the distinctions between Christianity and the LDS Church are increasingly confused. Most contemporary Latter-day Saints consider Mormonism a denomination of Christianity, even though their founders would never have described it that way. Now more than ever, we need a guide to help us navigate the differences and engage our LDS friends with compassion and truth. That’s why Eric Johnson’s new book Introducing Christianity to Mormons is so timely. No one does a better job than Eric when it comes to understanding the differences, focusing on the essentials, and reaching Mormons with love and urgency. If you’ve got Mormons in your life, get this book and allow Eric to prepare and guide you every step of the way.”

J. Warner Wallace, Dateline-featured Cold-Case Detective

Author of Cold Case Christianity and Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World That Rejects the Bible

“Have you tried to share your faith with an LDS (Mormon) friend only to walk away confused by the discussion? Eric’s book offers the Christian great insights on Mormon beliefs, along with guides for more meaningful discussions.”

Sandra Tanner, Co-founder Utah Lighthouse Ministry

Co-author, Mormonism: Shadow or Reality

“When sharing the Christian faith with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, using precise language is always paramount. Christians have often expressed frustration when their LDS counterpart gives the impression that they have few disagreements with everything Christians have historically believed, even though one of the foundational teachings of their church is that Christ’s Church fell into a state of complete apostasy after the death of Jesus’ apostles. Eric Johnson cuts through this theological fog and offers the reader information that will make for an effective conversation.”

Bill McKeever. director of Mormonism Research Ministry (Utah)

Co-author of Mormonism 101 and Answering Mormons’ Questions

“I have long felt the need for a book that takes Latter-day Saint beliefs and language into account when explaining the message of Christianity. Eric Johnson has created that book. He has combined theological clarity and a lucid writing style with his extensive experience talking to Mormons to produce a resource I will give away often.”

Ross Anderson

Author, Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor, Executive Director, Utah Advance Ministries

Founder, Faith After Mormonism

“This is the book I wish I had when starting out in ministry in Utah. I’ll be giving many copies of this book away.  It will be a great help to those who don’t understand the differences between the religions that find their origin in the teaching of Joseph Smith and traditional Christianity, to those who are leaving some form of Mormonism for Christianity, and for Christians who live and serve in Mormon communities.”

Loren Pankratz, Ph.D, Lead Pastor, The Bridge Community, Centerville, UT

“Eric Johnson gives us a multifaceted jewel in Introducing Christianity to Mormons. Viewed from one side, it is an articulate primer for the historic Christian faith. Viewed from another side it gives Christian readers the resources to anticipate and field common LDS questions and objections. And yet from another angle, a Latter-day Saint could encounter the material as a winsome and conversational polemic for the core of Christianity. Truth and grace march in lockstep through its pages. As a pastor and theologian in the midst of LDS country I heartily recommend it!”

Dr. Bryan Hurlbutt, Lead Pastor, Lifeline Community, West Jordan, UT

“For many years, there has existed a tremendous need for a book explaining the biblical gospel of grace to LDS individuals transitioning out of their LDS faith tradition and, with hopeful and tender hearts, seeking Truth Himself. With expert knowledge of the Bible and a loving approach to sharing Truth, Eric Johnson has met this need. It should be a standard for many years to come in introducing  biblical Truth to LDS.”

Dr. Lynn Wilder, Author, Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church


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